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Service Celebrates Chanukah

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A menorah was lit at Toronto Police headquarters to celebrate Chanukah.

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Chief Myron Demkiw and the province’s Solicitor General Michael Kerzner attended the historic ceremony in the lobby on December 22.

“Chanukah is an amazing opportunity for us to understand the power of light,” said Kerzner. “We have light within us and this is something that is transformational, especially when we look at what we can do to keep our communities safe. This is something that the Premier and I think is fundamental to everyone in our province. What it means is that light roots out darkness and evil… When you give people light, you give them hope and when you do that, they will find their way.”

Inspector Paul Rinkoff co-chairs the Chief’s Jewish Consultative Committee.

“Toronto Police headquarters is a building that also acts much like the menorah as a symbol of light and goodwill for so many Torontonians,” he said.


People stand under large menorah
Lighting the menorah at HeadquartersPhoto: Brent Smyth


Chanukah celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago, after a group of small group of Jewish fighters, the Maccabees, defeated the Seleucid Empire, which had tried to impose their culture on the Jewish people.

When they lit the Temple’s menorah, miraculously a one-day supply of oil lasted eight days – creating the Chanukah tradition. Lighting the menorah for eight days each year commemorates this miracle.

Rabbi Mendel Chaikin, of Chabad of Downtown, who was accompanied by his wife Chanie and their children, was happy to see a celebration at headquarters.

He said the lighting of the menorah reinforces a message of light and goodness.

A menorah is also lit at 32 Division and 52 Division stations.

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