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somewhere far away

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How many people I met in this short life many of them have disappeared with the passage of time

Today is very hot. There is no relief anywhere outside in the hot sun. Shafiq has returned home from the market in a frenzy. Mirpur number one market is crowded on Fridays. Rahmat Mia’s fish shop at the entrance of the market is closed today. Shafiq was a little scared to see Rahmat Mia’s fish shop closed. Has anything happened to Rahmat Chacha? I have been seeing Rahmat Chacha since childhood. He used to sit inside a large fish basket with different kinds of fish, he wore dirty half-sleeves with sweat, and he sold fish with a rolled lungi on his waist, and his lips were always red after drinking.

When I was young, my father used to buy fish from Rahmat Mia in the market with his father, and then he met Rahmat uncle. I came to know in person that Rahmat Mia had left the illusion of this world and went to another world five days ago. When you think of fish, Rahmat Mia’s face comes to mind. That mercy Mia is no more, as if I started to feel discomfort in my heart.

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How many people I met in this short life, many of them have disappeared with the passage of time. During tiffin time in school, a white-haired man with a silver-colored decchi would give eight annas to a dove on a newsprint paper, that dove seemed like nectar to us, I am still looking for that man, and I used to wait for him in the afternoon, an old uncle used to do business as a carpenter for him, at home. I used to keep broken items, broken bulbs, unnecessary household items and in return he used to give me a stick of yellow color from his round tin box. That old uncle seems to have left the illusion of the world a long time ago and that yellow stick has left with him. One of Shafiq’s traits is that sometimes he becomes restless thinking about his past memories.
Shafiq returned home with a sweaty body, fish and meat curry from the market. Came home and sat under the fan. But in extreme heat, hot air is coming out from the fan. So Shafiq took a bath and got a little fresh.

On Fridays Rafiq stays at home instead of Buet’s hostel, so mother cooks good food for Rafiq on Fridays. Although boys and girls play in the most expensive hotel in the world, the mother thinks that boys and girls eat nonsense outside. So Rahela Begum took care today and cooked good and bad for her son. Everyone sat at the dining table and started eating and drinking after finishing the Jumma prayer.

Rafiq said seeing Ayesha sitting down to eat with a book

“Look, don’t swallow books instead of food while rereading.”

Everyone laughed at Rafiq’s words

Ayesha said don’t say that brother

“Due to the stress of reading, I see darkness in my eyes”

Shafiq smiled and said

“What will happen if you become a doctor before you become a doctor?”

Rafiq said again to make Ayesha angry

“Then what will happen again, you will not be able to become a doctor, and no one will marry a girl from Kana” Mango will be barked.

Ayesha said in an angry voice

“Okay, I won’t tell you anything more about this.”

“Don’t be angry,” Rafiq said. If you talk to me for half an hour, will such Mahabharata become impure?”

Ok bro, I kept this book, like you, I don’t have a computer brain, that everything will be done after reading a little. ”

Rahela Begum scolded her and said, “Eat your fill first, then fight to your heart’s content.”

Despite bullying the children, Rahela Begum was sitting at the dining table enjoying the killing of her brothers and sisters. Life is really beautiful. For these children, Rahela Begum wants to live long in life, ignoring the diseases living in the body.

By the time we finished the meal, it was almost afternoon. Suddenly a gust of cold wind entered the house through the window. The whole house became cold, the heat of the afternoon was completely gone. Neela will meet Shafiq on this beautiful day as the weather has become romantic. One day a week on Friday, Neela meets Rafiq privately and secretly. However, no one knows about their love till now. Their relationship has still remained a secret, wondering how the two families will accept this love relationship in the struggle for life.

Shafiq and Neela’s love is overshadowed by the sense of responsibility towards the family. So when they want, they don’t meet.

Today I met Neela in the university area. Neela wanted very much to take a rickshaw and walk around the university area holding Shafiq’s hand in a blue saree with open hair.

Neela looked like an Apsari in a blue saree with open hair.

Shafiq was fascinated to see Neela.

What are you looking at? Neela said to Shafiq

Shafiq said “Where is the blue tip on your forehead?”

Neela thought that Shafiq would describe her beauty with similes.

Neela was a bit unprepared and said, “I forgot to read the tip because of the rush.

Shafiq interrupted and said “You need a caring person like me for this.”

Neela said in a haughty tone

“Dhang is coming, what a caring man, he doesn’t find time to meet me. He talks about love and dhang from behind his eyes.”

Shafiq laughed and said, if it is hidden from the eyes, is it possible to hide from the mind? And I am your lover.”

“Our home is so close, yet it seems so far away,” Neela said in a plaintive tone.

Shafiq said now, “I don’t understand anything near or far, you are only mine, so I come to you again and again.”

Meghla Meghla is walking around the university area holding the hand of Neela Shafiq in a blue saree with open hair in a rickshaw this afternoon. It is like a pair of lovebirds – a sweet poem and story of the lovebirds, which stories and poems will never end in this world. Shafiq’s poetry appeared in the ether

“, cloudy cloudy this night
Want to load shedding
Keep this city dark.
Want to hold hands with you
Through all the streets of the city
I want to say Bishan
Let’s not run away from far away.
In this darkness of stormy wind
I want to say Bishan
Step on the wet grass
Let’s pass.
In that sky of Tepantar
Cloud covered moonlight
I did not find the blue sky
I want to say Bishan
Seeing you in a blue saree
Color the sky with azure blue.
Weaving a web of new dreams
I want to tell you
In the eternal bliss of love
Spend your life.”

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