Sunday, July 21, 2024

May the morning be yours

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May the morning be yours

Let this morning start with you, father
I will deliver you to school at eleven in the morning
If your school admission is confirmed, I will go a little further
I will fill the car with gas from Canadian Tire.
Because their gas card is five cents less per liter.
May the morning start with you, father
Call me when you get your certificate
In the meantime, I will be on my way to fill the car with oil
I will pick you up again with a smiling face.
May life shine like light, my father.
Ontario Scholar My father has something to say
Go ahead in life with courage, don’t look back.
Your joy is my joy, your smile is my smile
Friends, relatives, we all love you very much.
We are happy to see the success of all the children.

Scarborough, Canada

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