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When to understand your partner’s first stage of mental problems?

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When to understand your partners first stage of mental problems

Do not take unnecessary doubts, misunderstandings lightly, it can be the first step of emotional problems.

Bailey is very upset. How is her husband doing these days? His demeanor is as if he is not even at home. In no way, in anything, the two are not together anymore. The relationship is very bitter with all the doubts and backbiting. Children who are frightened by the constant bickering of their parents often feel quite helpless. Mother is role model for them. They are proud of their mother. Mother is educated, does a good job, socially also mother’s communication and activities are quite noticeable.

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On the other hand, father sometimes goes to work and never goes. And the father doesn’t do anything remarkable except for blocking, suspecting, and informing about all the mother’s affairs after coming home from work. They are very upset to see the father.

Remember that parents are role models for their children. Whatever you are doing, one day your child will grow up without even knowing it.

Bailey is very close with her children. Whenever he gets time, he sits with them and talks, gives time, tries to be involved in many other ways. Children are also mother’s soul. But father, I mean Mr. Salim doesn’t even understand children’s affairs. All the time his job is to interfere with everything of his wife. By doing this, there is no gain, but the distance is gradually increasing.

After bringing the bazaar in the afternoon, Salim noticed that Baili was talking to whom he was talking to on the phone in the upper room. Walking slowly, silently up the stairs, he realizes that Bailey is talking to his colleague, Joy. As he hung up the phone, he said, ‘Don’t you ever talk to me in such a good mood? Bailey’s mood went sour. Is it wrong to talk to someone a little better? Well, am I a Prime Minister who will talk seriously to people all the time, and yet people will talk to me, and come to my work, and help me? And I did something bad? I only spoke.

Salim came and sat on the bed. “I want you to talk to me the same way you talk to Joy, in the same tone,” says Bailey.

Belly: I’m talking!

Salim: No, in such a sweet tone, smiling.

Belly: Oh, you were standing in the background listening! Your mind is so dirty! You guard me like this!

Salim: I will not give? You do not talk to me like this!

Bailey: When I was in the beginning of the relationship, I wanted to say, you seem too busy, to be bored. To say, I don’t like those originality. You have even made it clear several times, they will not be done by you. And if you laugh today with a friend or with colleagues, you burn? I am not in love with anyone else!

Salim: Love is not so easy. And besides, if you can talk like this, why would people take extra medicine by making love?

Belly’s heart was full of anger. She left the house to love this man? His mind so small?

“I have work tomorrow,” says Bailey. have to sleep Turn off the lamp. When Selim turns off the lights and wants to get close, Belly couldn’t be any easier. So many people’s minds! Salim says so much bad things again…but the emotions of the girls are a little different. If they can’t come to the mind, they can’t come to the body either. Belly lays back on his side in disgust.

Selim: What, you won’t even hug me?

Bailey: I don’t feel good. let me sleep

Salim: Oh, now I don’t even like it anymore. From tomorrow I will also call various girls and talk to them. I’ll see how you feel.

Bailey: Do it. Give me some freedom though. I can’t anymore. I find your suspicions and spying unbearable at this moment.

On the way to work the next morning, Bailey receives Selim’s text. Salim keeps sending messages. Bailey was in an office meeting.

Back home, see Salim sleeping on the bed.

Belly: will not go to work, will not let me work! Why were you sending so many messages?

Salim: Why, you love getting messages. All day long at home, messages keep coming. And you also answer everyone.

Bailey: Yes, replying to messages after work is not the same thing as replying to husband’s messages while at work. Besides, when I am free all evening at home, don’t say two things properly, and the message is dropped as soon as I go to work!

Salim: Tell the truth! You must have been busy with winning! Or that said not to reply to my message?

Bailey can’t believe his ears. He looked in surprised eyes for a while and got up and left the side. He wanted to scream and cry. I don’t want to go back home. Returning home means the whole evening answering these silly questions. He sighed and went to his son’s room. Tells the son, how to give respect, respect and love to all friends, sisters, mother and wife, how to walk in the society with everyone, having friendly relations with everyone.

Then goes to the girl’s room. He tells his daughter that when he goes to his own world, he will always keep his mind well. He who does not appreciate you, his wrongdoing…

The girl stops Belli. Seeing this unhealthy relationship between her parents, the girl decided that she would never get married when she reached her teenage years. He says to his mother, ‘Mom, I will live for me. I will not die like you. Why did you get married?’

Belli: In our society at that time, girls could not live alone. And besides, your father was never like this before.

Biju: Mom, dad wasn’t like that, or you were blind so you didn’t understand earlier?

Bailey: Your father loved me very much, and kept me happy. Married after only six months of acquaintance, there was no chance to think too much.

Biju: Mom, I will never give someone the right to love, which you gave to father. Every time I pass in front of your house, I see you sleeping and dad on your phone. What is the father looking for so much? Does marrying someone mean that you will not have any personal space?

Bailey: Did you see that right? On my phone? Of course, I don’t have anything on my phone that looks…

Biju: Mother, you are very simple. Whether there is something or not is not a big deal. The big thing is, even after being married for so long, you don’t have that trust of your father? Why is your father spying on you all the time? All of your adulterated, and how much mental torture you! Can’t you tell dad to be busy with his own affairs?

Belly: Your father has no other world! So he goes everywhere with me!

Biju: Yes, it goes everywhere, and comes with adulteration. You do one thing, go somewhere far away from here! Leave your father and live for yourself.

Belly pulls the girl to his chest. He said, ‘I have not gone anywhere for so long because of your two siblings. I can’t stay anywhere without you.

Biju: That is also a problem. Have you ever lived for yourself? Your survival is for my father-me and Priyam all the time. It’s not right mom. You will live for yourself this time, do what you want. I know, my mother never makes mistakes, never does injustice. I will never marry. Husbands are very bad.

Belly: Is it okay to over generalize by looking at just one person? Not everyone is like your father anymore. There are also many happy couples in the society. Those who respect, respect, love each other.

Biju: That’s right. Rokeya Aunty and Naqeeb Uncle are very nice to see. They understand each other beautifully, respect each other, talk to each other sweetly!

A call comes from home. What, if you stay in that room, I understand that it is convenient to talk to a friend on the phone? Come home.’

Belli says with extreme annoyance, ‘I left the phone at home, look it is next to your bed. I was talking to the kids a bit.’

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