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Everything is given by Allah

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Once Ershad wanted to fix equal salary for all

Once Ershad wanted to fix equal salary for all. The university teachers wanted to say that they could do peon work if they wanted to. But to get the same salary as the peon teachers, they should teach the students like the teachers. Ershad then backed away.

In fact, it is true that Allah has not given equal talent to everyone. Therefore, whoever will do any work will be determined by the talent given to him by Allah. If someone is expelled from the classroom while agitating, he deserves sympathy. But no matter how much sympathy he gets, he will only have to take the degree after passing the examination after the expulsion order is lifted.

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For example, if he is expelled while protesting as an undergraduate in the university, he remains in the inter-mediate side of life. No one in the world can call him an undergraduate. Such a person can never become a university student. Because he only passed Inter Intermediate.

Allah sent their parents to the world before sending the prophets to the world. But those parents were not made Prophets. However, their parents had to go through a lot of trouble to give birth to this prophet. Therefore, no matter how hard a person does, only Allah decides how much a person will need for any work. And here talent acts as the main deciding force. Because God has given him more talent, with which he will do the most talented work.

We often say that Amu has sacrificed so much. So let him be given such responsibility. but no Talent is the main judge of who will do what. For example, cows sacrifice a lot for the earth. But he doesn’t get much responsibility as a consideration for cow sacrifice. Because Allah did not give him any such talent.

If you assign a talented person to a less meritorious job instead of doing it according to merit, you have acted against the will of Allah. Because all the talent in people is given by God. And Allah has given this talent to provide a better life for the people of the world today and in the future through the best use of this talent. These words are not mine, they are from the Bible.

As I am a DBA I have to do some research on these. And to say how these ideas coordinate with my various topics.

Scarborough, Canada

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