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Lynx Air Shuts Down: What Passengers Need to Know

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Lynx Air Shuts Down What Passengers Need to Know

Canadian budget airline Lynx Air has ceased operations, leaving many passengers stranded and scrambling for alternative travel arrangements. The airline cited rising costs, fuel prices, and a challenging regulatory environment as reasons for its closure.

What Lynx Passengers Should Do:

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  • Cancelled flights: If your flight was cancelled this weekend, you will be notified by email.
  • Flights after Feb. 26: Contact your credit card company for a refund. Lynx’s contact center is no longer available.
  • Travel vouchers: Vouchers are no longer valid after the closure.
  • Stranded passengers: Contact your travel agent or provider for alternative arrangements.
  • Credit card payments: Contact your credit card company to inquire about potential refund options.
  • Travel insurance: If you purchased insurance, see if your coverage applies.
  • Provincial travel authorities: If you purchased travel from a registered travel agent in Ontario, Quebec, or British Columbia, you may be eligible for a refund.

Help from Other Airlines:

  • WestJet: Offering discounted fares for stranded domestic travelers and capped fares for repatriations on previously served Lynx routes.
  • Flair Airlines: Added six recovery flights for affected passengers and crew, exploring further options.
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