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As a winter afternoon goes by

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The winter afternoon passed quickly

The winter afternoon passed quickly. Just like a sparrow! Abid is sitting in the coffee shop thinking about his mother last night. He is sipping hot coffee in front of him and watching the sparrows outside as the sun fades away. This side of the coffee shop is very beautiful! A strip of green lawn and trees. How close the distant sky on the head! You can hold it with your hands if you want.

A few days ago Rahmat Chacha suddenly came from the village with a girl. She will be eighteen or nineteen years old. Uncle looks after their paddy field in the village. Abid had never seen the girl before.

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Even though the uncle left two days ago, the girl remained. Abid didn’t even bother about it. He is busy with his varsity and friends. Sipped the coffee again. Last night when the mother told that Shanu had married the girl in her childhood. From now on Shanu will stay in this house. Abid’s head has been lost since then. At first, Abid thought that the mother was being mischievous. But no! Father came and said it was true! Abid shouted, “I don’t agree with all this.” But the father said in a stern voice that he would have to agree. When the father was in dire need of money, Shanu’s father helped him. Otherwise, their houses and businesses would be auctioned. Since then, their two families have been friends. Then suddenly, Shanu’s parents died in an accident while performing Hajj. Since then, the girl has been close to Rahmat uncle. It was said that Shanu will be picked up when he turns eighteen. So the uncle gave it.

Abid was angry at his friend’s house for two days. He returned home yesterday. There are many arguments going on with his parents. He has made it clear that he will not accept these primitive madness. His parents are saying the same thing – “Mene ne baba. I understand that we have faults too. Due to our busy schedule, we could not find the girl and forgot to let you know. I thought I would tell you when you grow up. We were busy with ourselves like ungrateful. But the fact is true father! Moreover, domestically, you were married in the village when you were young.”

Abid does not understand how his parents accept this girl! It is still strong because of what happened during that period. His father is a very bad man. Maybe he will have a lot of trouble with her. He seems that there must be a bigger secret behind it. He has clearly informed that girl to marry another boy. These child marriages will not last under the law.

The coffee was long gone. Still, Abid is sitting and thinking what to do? If parents start stubborn again? Will go to Shobhan’s house again. But how many days will be at home? The head is throbbing with various thoughts. When you return home, you will see the watery flood. Abid doesn’t feel good. From where in his beautiful life as if Kalbaishakhi Chhobol. He decided in his mind that after a while he would eat from a nearby biryani shop and return home. Will not eat at home tonight. He will show a little temper. Let everyone understand that he is angry. Don’t accept that ugly girl.

Meanwhile, while eating biryani at the hotel, Abid never thought that he was eating his own wedding biryani. But when he returned home and saw Shanu dressed up in wedding attire, he realized that he had eaten his wedding biryani at the hotel. Abid was forced to marry on the strict orders of his father. Although he shouted in his face – “I do not accept this marriage, I will never give Shanu the status of wife.”

Hearing that, Shanu looked confused. He realized that he was forced into marriage. Abi’s two younger siblings, Ankhi and Abi, decorated the house. There they put the girl named Shanu nicely on her bed and ran away.

Abid looked at his new wife, an eighteen-nineteen-year-old teenager. She looked fifteen and sixteen for a slightly thin build. Haven’t seen Shanu well before. Likely body, dark brown means black. Makeup looks brunette. Nothing unusual. The mood turned sour. Sitting on the sofa thinking what to do now!

Suddenly Shanu said – “You don’t like me I know, I am not a girl to be liked. You stay as you are, I don’t have to obey.”

Abid said in a serious voice, “In what sense did you come to this house?” No, I don’t accept these crazy things.”

“I actually didn’t know you didn’t agree to the marriage. If I had known, I would not have agreed to the marriage. I have been here for a few days, you could have told me. Those words in Jagag. Later you will marry any girl of your choice. I will not interrupt. I have no choice, I need shelter. Just give me a chance to read. I really want to study. Then when I stand on my feet, I will leave here.”

Abid said, “Then don’t demand a husband again.”

Shanu said “I will never do it. I know I don’t fit by your side. I will remain as I am, you don’t get tensed.”

Abid said, “I understand, but where will you sleep?”

Shanu said, “I’m a small person and I’m going to sit on the sofa. You sleep in your bed. You’ll be uncomfortable on this tall sofa.”

By now, Abid felt a little relieved. Shanu got up and went to change clothes. Alpana took a last look at the sandalwood painting on her forehead in the washroom mirror. He did not see this Alpana painted in sandalwood for whom it was arranged. Shanur is crying. Everyone is so beautiful! And his simple appearance, which boy will accept? Why accept! What’s up with him! No parents, no wealth, no looks, no education. Shanu came out fresh after washing his face and wearing salwar kameez. Abid is changing in front of him. Shanu turned his face and looked the other way. After that, he wrapped himself up and laid down on the sofa.

Abid feels annoyed and uncomfortable. The balcony adjacent to his room, had long been a small reading room surrounded by cardboard. Although he does not like to study there. There is also a light divan.

Abid said, “Shanu, stay in that balcony.” Then you won’t feel uncomfortable and neither will I.”

Shanu got up and went to the balcony with the bag. Thai door between the balcony and the room. Screen is provided. He came to the balcony and pulled the door. Abid pulled the curtain from the other side. Now no one can see anyone. Abid can remove the curtain if he wants to see her but Shanu doesn’t have that option. Set from across the screen.

Abid is thinking that he passed SSC, HSC from village school, college. It means no quality. Must be a student of average or general merit. Abid himself is neither very talented nor very bad. Now he is doing Masters in Chemistry from Jahangirnagar University. Then his age gap with the girl will be five or six years.

He does not remember when they got married in childhood.

The next morning Abid told his mother before going out to the university as usual, I can’t take any responsibility of that girl. When you get married, you know what to do!

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