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Good News for GTA Transit Riders: One Fare Program Eliminates Double Fares

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Good News for GTA Transit Riders One Fare Program Eliminates Double Fares

Starting Monday, February 26th, hopping between different transit agencies in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) will be easier and cheaper thanks to the One Fare program. This Ontario government initiative eliminates double fares for riders transferring between TTC, GO Transit, Brampton Transit, Durham Region Transit, MiWay, and York Region Transit.

Here’s what you need to know:

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  • Pay once, travel freely: No more paying separate fares when switching between agencies within the designated transfer windows (2 hours for most, 3 hours for GO Transit).
  • Automatic discounts: Presto card, Google Wallet, debit, or credit card users get free transfers between participating agencies.
  • TTC riders benefit: Connect to/from GO Transit within 3 hours and get your TTC trip fare-free.
  • Big savings: The program estimates riders will save an average of $1,600 per year. For example, a single trip between TTC and GO Transit could save you $3.30, and up to $3.88 between TTC and YRT.
  • Increased ridership expected: The government anticipates 8 million more rides annually as cross-boundary travel becomes more affordable and convenient.

Overall, the One Fare program is a major step towards a more seamless and accessible public transit system in the GTA. This initiative should encourage more people to use public transportation, leading to reduced traffic congestion and environmental benefits.

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