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I don’t want to die in a beautiful world

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We see all around fighting flash of various weapons the so called strongmens intimidation and rule

In one part of the Mahabharata, Yakshaveshi Bak asked many questions to the forest-dwelling king Yudhishthira. There was a question in him—’What is the wonder?” Yudhishthira replied, ‘Every living being dies, while all the rest long for immortality—what is the wonder?’ I want to survive.’

But if you are born, you have to die. Almighty Allah has declared (Surah Nisa verse 78) – ‘Wherever you are, death will overtake you, even if you stay in a strong and fortified fortress.’ Allah has also said, ‘I have fixed the time of your death (Surah Waqiah: 60).’The reality is, most people want to forget this absolute truth of the world.

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We see all around fighting, flash of various weapons, the so-called strongmen’s intimidation and rule. Those who are doing such injustice-tyranny and harming the common people, no one can live forever. Many feel the taste of power, they are immortal! But if they kept in mind every time – going to sleep at night, that sleep could be the last sleep; The food I am eating may be the last meal; If that were the case, at least their hearts would have the fear of Almighty God, they would do all the work for the good of people.

There will be nothing in the earthly world. Who will be immortal? We have seen that in ancient times, kings and maharajas used to employ various chemists to discover Amritsudha in order to gain immortality. Qin Shi Huang, the mighty emperor of China 200 years before Christ, could not think about death. He also buried around 450 scientists alive because of the failure to create the interest of immortality. Still, Immortality could not grant immortality to Sudha Huang. After his death, the corpse was covered with rotten fish, which suppressed the putrid smell of the corpse.

We now see the triumph of modern science. But the reality is that among all the sciences, medicine is lagging behind the most. Science says that our body is constantly losing and destroying cells and along with this, new cells are being born. From degeneration or decay comes the idea of regeneration. According to many, it is possible to delay aging somewhat with diet and medicine, but it is unlikely that the human lifespan will exceed 120 years. Because according to natural rules this is the normal maximum limit of human lifespan.

It is true that the number of people in their 90’s and 100’s around the world today is much higher than ever due to improvements in treatment, medicine and other systems. However, the number of people has remained at that zero around 130. However, a few years ago, Professor David Sinclair of Harvard University in the United States and researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia invented such a process – through which any cell in the human body can be revived. Researchers have claimed that using this treatment, any lost part of the human body can be regenerated. Even paralyzed patients can walk again. Listening to it, it seems like a fairy-tale magical botanic.

But no matter what is done – as Omar Khayyam said, Priya’s black eyes will grow cloudy, but the book will remain eternally young. That is, if the book is such a thoughtful book. Similarly, like the eternal youth of a book, man will live forever through his actions. People basically survive through their good fortune. For the reason that Lalan Sai said—Tell the truth, walk on the right path, oh my mind.

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