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Pearl Diver

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Dhaka has been built on the arrow of Buriganga

Dhaka has been built on the arrow of Buriganga. It is said that every evening the sound of the temple was heard. So it’s called Dhaka. It becomes the largest city in East Bengal. There are many types of businessmen, including Nawab, Zamindar, living here. There are representatives of the British Raj, there are lower income people. Among the elite are the Nawabs of Dhaka. The English were happy to be pleased with the social activities and exclusive support for the British, awarding these merchants the nawab.

These Nawabs coming from far Kashmir are coming from Dhaka under the business sources. They became the inhabitants of East Bengal by marital sources with local elites.

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Burigangar’s arrows have long been built before the Buckland dam. Nawab Ahsanullah’s father Abdul Ghani at that time supported the British government in the construction of the dam. After the dam was built, the palace of the elite community, near the arrow of Buriganga, the Nanaviram residence of British high-ranking officials was built.

When arriving in the river, there are many boats seen in Sadarghat, two stimers are also seen. Then it was seen that Ahsan Mongil, Ruplal House, Small Katra, Hosni Dalan with the beautiful dome of the mosque. If further, the beautiful architectural eyes of the Lalbagh Fort. From a distance it seems a well-equipped island of the sea.

Ahsan Mongil on the Buriganga’s arrow is a little silent today. Because the mind of the Nawab house of the Nawab Khwaja Ahsanullah is not good. He sits alone on the stairs of Ahsan Mangil, his mind is quite scattered. He’s not calling anyone. He sits alone silently. At this time, nobody usually goes to him.

If you sit alone here, you think a man named ‘Shahin’ is. Then he wants to write his poem. He felt comfortable writing in Urdu, gave his pseudonym, ‘shaheen’. Urdu is natural, but his mother’s language is Bengali.

There is no poem on Shahin’s head in the pleasant weather this evening. He doesn’t think of any line of poetry. Rather, a variety of annoying thoughts are emerging.

In the sunset, the cold air of the river, swing on the page, the mind is covered. Hillol of joy in this body is found. Now the body has filled with fluids, I like to stay stable.

Sitting on the stairs in the wide looks like a king, but now seems to be the doll king. Because he knows that this throne is a gift to the English. It has fresh blood of rebel sepoys.

Father Khwaja Abdul Gani Sipahi helped the English with horses and money during the rebellion. The English were happy to give this newbie. Nowadays, it seems that the spirit of rebels is moving around. He feels greatly uncomfortable.
Many donations are doing fervor and fervorous work to overcome the sins of the East men. But what is the sin that is at all! When he is a landmark, he is not borrowing sins, but now he is a poet. So repeat this over and over again.

In search of peace, 30/40 people send digits at their own expense. Get some mental relief in it. Such religious activities, which also came to trouble was beyond the dust. These problems are often not a way to ignore.

Now a few hajjs have scored goals, not coming back from the pig. This is not the first time that it’s not coming back. Because many Hazans die in various diseases and ships sink. Many cannot handle the journey again.

Two Hazans were missing several years ago. They were a little too much discussion as they were from the same family. Again, the trouble remains as they are in the Kortia area. Two were about father and son. He went back and didn’t return.

The wind blows the peace, but the unrest mind of Ahsanullah is no longer calm. Kortia Zamindar Wazed Ali Khan Panni, is starting to be quite crazy about the incident.

Kortier Zamindar Chan Mear Grandfather, Sa’dat Ali Khan Panni had a dispute with his grandfather Khwaja Alimulla. Even in fact, the ancestors of the landowners of Dhaka were the Afghanis, the landowners of Kortia were the Afghanis. Such Usila Kortia landlords will try to use due to dispute over property, that’s normal.

Sick Nawab sent another man to Hajj to find the hadith of the missing people. The bad news is that all the Hazards were back, the person who sent to search did not return. The worse news is that the third person was also the Kortia’s prejudice. The chunky about this has now increased.

Ahsanullah sent his son Salimullah with news. He lives in Kolkata, it will take a while to come, that’s normal. His main purpose was to call him to give the landlord halikat. The boy will actually inform him of the missing Hazans in Dhaka. Because their ancestors dispute with the Kortian landmaster, he knows not the son Salimullah. He doesn’t have time at all.

His father, Alimullah, bought this cottage from the French. The palace was named after him Ahsan Mongil. This seems to be the case that day, but today he is in the old phase. The mind has become weaker than the body.

Khwaja Ahsanullah, well known as a monster, was also very eager to know the true news of the missing Hazans, not only the fear of the Kortia zamindar, but also the missing Hazans. He decided to send people to the front hajab, and again for search. If something goes on to him, tell the boy to find the lost person.

Shortly after that in 1901, Nawab Ahsanullah died before the mystery of Hajbi disappearance. He couldn’t tell the son the incident before his death. But the event happened in natural order.

His son Nawab Solimullah was busy with the wing. He’s happy in the news of the woods. Dhaka will be the provincial capital, the port of Chittagong will become remote again. After all, new life will be transmitted in neglected East Bengal. All the people, including intellectuals, zamindars of East Bengal, are very enthusiastic about this.

But the government was forced to submit under pressure from intellectuals and lords of Kolkata. The woods were rotten. The path of East Bengal was backward. But the new life that was circulated did not stop his awakening in East Bengal. New sense was created between all the landlords and the Lords.

The landlords in this area felt that if Muslims were not united, the societal development of the area would not occur if they were not educated. They began to come in contact with each other. The All India Muslim Education Conference was held in this Bengal. Nawab Solimullah was his president and Wazed Ali Khan Panni was a caretaker. Since then, they have had a mutual respect relationship.

Lord Harding promised to do Dhaka University as a compensation for the Rod of Bengal. Everyone is happy in this, Nawab Solimullah is happy but couldn’t overcome the hopes that Bangla was not separated.

Dhaka University was founded in 1912, some days later, Nawab Solimullah’s mysterious death in 1915. Kortia Zamindar Wazed Ali Khan Panni was mourned by Salimullah’s death. But he soon became busy with the Gamefat movement. The second Abdul Hamid, Turkey’s Ottoman Empire, would be the caliph of the Muslim world, this was the main purpose of the Khalifat movement. In response to this claim, Indian Muslims are widely named in movement.

As so much engagement and activities were continued around, no one else had any concerns about the disappearance of those hazards. They were missing.

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