Tuesday, June 25, 2024

For student attendance projects, Yukon schools and community organizations receive $350,000

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$350000 in support has been awarded to 36 projects across the Yukon

Through the Every Student, Every Day fund and with support from the Government of Yukon, 36 projects across the Yukon have received a total of $350,000 in funding.

36 projects to increase student attendance will be implemented by Yukon schools, school councils, and community organizations for the 2023–24 school year. These undertakings work straightforwardly to eliminate hindrances, increment commitment in understudy learning and advance a more noteworthy feeling of having a place in school networks.

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Over $1.85 million has been raised by Every Student, Every Day since its inception in 2012, primarily through donations from Yukon businesses and individuals, to directly support over 200 local student attendance projects. This year, Every Student, Every Day has received $280,000 in additional funding. In addition, the Yukon Government has increased its contribution to $70,000 and continues to offer administrative assistance to coordinate with participating schools and non-governmental organizations. The current year’s subsidizing responsibility is the biggest ever and will uphold networks in tending to understudy participation challenges in imaginative ways.

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