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What Are You Proud Of?

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The prevalence of pretense in our lives prompts reflection on its necessity and implications

The prevalence of pretense in our lives prompts reflection on its necessity and implications. While the pursuit of peace is paramount, the desire for personal pride is equally compelling. However, the acquisition of pride need not be contingent upon material possessions such as assets, jewelry, money, or extravagant belongings; rather, one may derive pride from intrinsic qualities. For instance, an individual’s capacity to evoke happiness in others through a contagious smile or to positively influence someone’s outlook on life through persuasive communication are valuable attributes that merit self-recognition and pride. In a world characterized by material display, the virtues of authenticity, inner strength, and self-earned qualities should be upheld for an enhanced and harmonious life.

In society, attention tends to gravitate towards those with recognition, fame, and established status. But is this a valid measure of a person’s worth? Why does no one care about the incredibly motivational speaker Riley? Despite living in a simple apartment, using public transit, and earning only enough to cover basic expenses and live a modest life, Riley shouldn’t be judged based on these external factors. She has the incredible ability to inspire and potentially save countless lives of those who feel unmotivated to continue living. This is her true asset, and she should take pride in it.

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Rima takes great pride in her luxurious and stylish wardrobe, as well as her collection of jewelry. She makes a point to flaunt her possessions at every public event, where she receives admiration and compliments from her community. This raises the question: why do we often overlook individuals like Riley, who inspire and save lives, in favor of praising Rima’s material wealth? It’s worth noting that Rima, a homemaker, does not even earn the money to afford these extravagant items; rather, she acquires them by turning a blind eye to her husband’s extramarital affair and enduring a lonely existence. While one could argue that she deserves recognition for making such sacrifices, it prompts a deeper examination of whether a woman should have to sacrifice her own well-being to maintain a marriage or gain material wealth. Additionally, while fighting for one’s rights may result in tangible gains, it’s important to note that forcing the affection of a partner cannot create genuine love. Let’s set aside this topic for now.

Robin is often at the center of attention during conversations, often bragging about his luxurious BMW, his plans to purchase a Macedese and his relationships. He takes great pride in sharing stories about how the attractive young women in the city are infatuated with him and love to date him. When he speaks, friends gather around him, occasionally receiving treats while listening to his stories. Wherever he goes, other men praise him, admiring his appearance, perfume, watches, eyeglasses, and shoes. However, it’s important to note that none of these qualities are the result of his hard work or achievements. He did not even complete his schooling and has never worked for his earnings. Instead, he obtained everything through his father’s wealth. This raises the question of where his true credit lies.

Let’s recognize everyone for their incredible contributions. Haider deserves praise for his unwavering work ethic, financial responsibility, and dedication to never missing a shift. Ria should be commended for raising well-rounded children with love and care. Railey’s motivational speeches have impacted many lives, and Sagar’s volunteer work to support cancer patients is truly commendable. Lastly, Sabina’s determination and creativity in establishing a fashion house that celebrates her culture is inspiring and worthy of recognition.

Readers let’s reflect on who we should admire and who truly deserves our admiration. Let’s set high standards for social values, work hard, be better human beings, and spread love and productivity to earn appreciation. Let’s also value those who are creative, hardworking, kind-hearted, and proud of their inner qualities.

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