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How this city of love became a lifeless city!

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How this city of love became a lifeless city

I know the city of Toronto very well. Toronto is my favorite city. Infact I love this city very much. I understand the female stars of this city. As I understand the city of Dhaka, as I understand the city of Barisal. It can be said that this mega city is in hand. I feel like I can go from one side of the city to the other with my eyes closed. I have been in this city for twenty one years. I think two decades is enough to know a city. I know this city through work. forced to recognize Obedience sometimes breeds love.

I was in Ottawa for the first year after coming to Canada. Since then I chose this city to live. I am still in this city. I know every dust of this city, alley, brick sand, every nook and cranny of the city, I understand the human character. I understand the character of white people, I understand the character of black people, I also understand the character of brown people. I understand Bengali people the most. Although I am a homebody but my observation is very good. I have no struggle, no running, no pocket money, no competition to be something like many others in this city. I don’t want to be the president, I don’t want to be the secretary, I don’t want to be the convener. There are hundreds of organizations in this city but I don’t have any organization, I am not affiliated with any organization. So I can open my heart to love people, make friends, enter any event. I got a lot of love from the people of this city.

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I came to Canada as a journalist. I went to Los Angeles for an interview. IELTS was not there when I applied, now it is. I needed a total of 70 points. As it is now, five points for a spouse’s master’s degree was not the case in my time. I didn’t even have any blood relatives in Canada. If that was there, I would have got five more points. Despite that, I scored 72 points in the assessment alone. Jasmine and my little Aritri didn’t want to come to Canada at all. Only Ark was very enthusiastic about coming to Canada. Ork is a man who can adapt anywhere.

Little Ork immediately gained a great deal of knowledge about Canada with a Google search. And in the first month, the internet bill was removed by twelve hundred rupees. That is the year 2000. Internet came only through T&T then. I didn’t know what browsing was, but Ark knew. Young people know more than our elders. He is very curious about everything. Great student. Both of the arch oritri then attended a school called Scholastica. Aritrito cried a lot. He can never leave his friends and go to Canada. Jasmine also doesn’t want to leave Brac’s house and go to Canada. But I am a bit stubborn type. I do many things without thinking. Like jumping into fire. I have no idea about these things. Toronto is such a loving city, I can leave this city one day.

If I ever leave this city, I want to write about this city before. How I saw the people of this city can not go without telling them. Strange people in this strange city. Strange human character. Since I think a lot about human character, the human psyche is the main subject of my writing, so I have a lot to talk about. from beginning to end. I don’t forget anything easily. I remember everything. How much I have fought in this city, the struggle to survive, how many people I have seen at work, how many mistakes I have made, insulted, how many things have happened in life.

I have seen many relationships, I have seen brokenness, I have seen love, I have seen honesty, I have seen dishonesty, I have seen compassion, I have seen heartlessness, I have seen meanness, I have seen greediness, I have seen religious excesses, I have seen hatred towards other religions, I want to write those novels. How many sorrows and pains are hidden in the clothes of life, unspoken tears, broken dreams, how much loneliness of people, neglect, ungratefulness, cheating each other, trivial neglect, I will write those words. My biographical memoir published at this year’s book fair, I have written from the heart, the book has many experiences about Canada, but it is not even a drop of water in the ocean.

The book will be available at the Toronto Book Fair and the New York Book Fair. The New York Book Fair will be held from May 24 to 27 and the Toronto Book Fair will be held on June 1 and 2. I will stay in both. I am trying to shake off my long lethargy and sit down with pen and paper again. I have no other means to survive abroad except writing. I survive in this city because it is written. But how this city of love became lifeless!

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