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Tips for Organizing a Cooking Event

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Tips for Organizing a Cooking Event

Fasting is almost over. Eid in a few days. And Eid means various kinds of delicious food. If you know some small tips before organizing these things, cooking will become easier.

Know some such tips : 

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Before Eid, many will put ginger and garlic in the refrigerator. If you want to keep the ginger and garlic batter in the deep freezer, if you mix a little salt and soybean oil, the ginger and garlic batter will not harden, so you can use it in cooking whenever you want.

Layer chicken usually doesn’t want to soften easily.

But if you mix jaiphal powder while cooking this meat, the meat will become soft quickly.

Cooking meat in a pressure cooker reduces the taste of the meat slightly, so for cooking the meat, grind the spices first and then after adding the meat, cook it with the lid of the cooker, the taste of the meat will remain intact.

If you use raw papaya batter to soften the meat, you have to add more oil to the meat, so if you use papaya powder instead of papaya, the meat becomes softer and the aroma and taste are more.

Before cooking the duck meat, soak the meat in warm water with a little salt for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, remove the meat from the salt water and wash it well, this will remove the duck’s unique smell.

When making a sandwich, the brown part around the bread is cut off. Without discarding this brown part, you can dry it in the sun and make breadcrumbs. Will be useful later.

You can make cardamom powder at home without buying expensive cardamom powder from the market.

Grind the cardamom in a blender and strain it through a sieve and store it in a clean jar and use it when needed.

Fish that do not like the smell of fish will be fragrant if they are cooked with lemon leaves while cooking. However, the lemon should be given four to five minutes before taking the fish out of the oven, if it is given earlier, the cooking will be bitter.

Biryani is more delicious if star masala is used in biryani cooking.

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