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Suicide is not the solution

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In todays discussion of suicide many of us are unaware that it is the leading cause of death among 10 to 24 year olds during puberty

At noon I went to pick up my son from school. I was standing on one side of the gate and waiting. Suddenly I heard a commotion outside the gate and looked. A mother is interrogating her son about something, most likely the son did something wrong that his friend told his mother, who in turn told the boy’s mother.

As a result, the mother did not wait until she went home and started questioning her son at the school gate and at one stage started slapping her son. A light goof line was becoming evident on the boy’s face, fair cheeks flushed, lips quivering with great shame as well as a strong effort to hold back tears. How old is 14/15? Boys of this age are very emotional as they are in puberty, any wrong decision can lead to a little carelessness.

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In this way, the mother should not have been beaten in front of her friends in her school, no matter how big a crime she had committed. Would it be good if this boy was thinking of making hot decisions and even committing suicide? If something like that, there will be nothing to do but regret for life? Or maybe this boy will send his parents to the old age home one day, harboring hatred in his heart.

In today’s discussion of suicide, many of us are unaware that it is one of the leading causes of death among 10- to 24-year-olds during puberty.

Why do children commit suicide?
1. disappointment
2. drugs
3. Family turmoil
4. Inability to bear stress
5. Study pressure
6. A victim of mockery and ridicule
7. Physical and sexual abuse
8. Overly emotional
9. If someone in the family committed suicide earlier
Therefore, all parents must know the danger signs that can be used to understand whether their child is suicidal.

Symptoms of being suicidal:
1. Being quick to anger or emotional
2. A sudden change in character, from quiet to fierce or vice versa
3. becoming addicted to drugs
4. Become destructive and take revenge on yourself
5. Changing eating and sleeping habits
6. Rapid loss of temper control
7. Talking and threatening to die
8. Keep to yourself, don’t mix with anyone
9. Wishing oneself dead

★How to control this trend?
1. Open your mind, there is no alternative. Think of yourself as a friend, not an adversary.
2. Don’t blame me, I have passed that age myself. Think like that.
3. Hide harmful items and medicines.
4. Know the warning signs and be careful.
5. Recognize and monitor friends and classmates.
6. Never ignore or ignore a threat.
Each person’s expression of feelings and its level is different. Therefore, their manifestations and thus the symptoms of suicidal tendencies also differ. Understand your child’s mentality and try to control him accordingly.

Sometimes it is not possible to solve this problem alone. Therefore, in these cases, family, relatives, friends, teachers and above all the society should come forward with solutions and cooperation.

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