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Canadian Dream

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Going to another country to settled there but if the start is with a shelter of lies, where is the trusted place? Visitor visa means a country will come to visit and return home after the visit visa. The invitation letter of the invitation letter also written in the invitation letter to invite someone to return to the country after a specified time.

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But it is seen that the visitor is taking refuge in a kind of legal process to leave the country without going back home by refusing to come here for claiming or seeking political asylum. If your claim is genuine, this claim could be made from your home country. But without doing so, you are entering the country with a visitor visa and seeking refuge or refugee claim. First, but you’ve entered the country and chose a different path. You may show with your lawyer that you are not safe in the country, your life is threatened, you will be killed if you return home. You or your lawyer will submit some documents for your application. Hairing will be on him several times. You can be reserved again your application may be approve.

I’m not saying you make your documents. But I’ve heard that there are also fake documents. These liberal human rights countries take your submitted documents to good fate in many cases.

If the documents taken in good fate are fake and you’ve gotten the approval by it, but you’ve started with a lie in a country. In that case, you may stay in the country but you will always be responsible for conscience.

I heard that nowadays you were atheist in the country, because your life is in threat. With all these, claim can be easily stabled. I hear more, because of a different gender identity you are a victim of bullying and discrimination in the country, it is not very difficult to create documents that you no longer live in the country. And because of different political parties, it is not impossible to establish documents that the ruling party can kill you at any time.

“I saw a movie of Sharukh Khan a few days ago name “Dunki”. Some Indian citizens were on the illegal path in England. The purpose was to enjoy the opportunity of the country of dreams, to make many pounds, to send money for relatives in the country. There they had changed the eyes of the police with different places. One has been seen begging from standing like a statue. Someone chose the way of suicide with a failure. After many straggles they were legal there. But at the end of the movie it felt that gold harin had been running behind the horin’s all his life. There is no peace like your country anywhere. Thus, Dunki can be killed and go to another country, but peace cannot be found.

Canada is a country of Human Rights. They’ll hear all these claims. You will also give all kinds of help in this country until you are settled. Free Medical and lumpsum allowance also offered for carry on. You may also get a cash job as long as you continue hairing. If you have a cash job with allowance then you can stay well for a single person.

The thing is that the country is doing so much for you, you should also respect the country’s law, its customs and cleanliness. Don’t stand anywhere. Remember that the country you have come to is much different from your country. “There is no saying, “”When you are in Rome, you behave like the Romans.”

The following picture is a businessman in Danforth risk banning in front of his grocery soup. “Please ask not to stand in the middle of the road.” This request is very normal. If a business entrance stands in front of the entrance, buyers don’t want to come to that grocery.

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