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May Allah keep them well

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Allah has placed Razzak Mia on a very big seat where we may not even reach I can only see him sitting in his seat from a distance

Sometimes I remember a man from a long time ago. I have just joined the work as a scientist. I was working in a research institute. Scientists were assisted by skilled workers in their research work. They were told how to make the experiment plots.

Despite being explained many times, sometimes the workers made mistakes. A skilled worker made a mistake that day too. I said something a little hesitant. The worker folded his hands together and said very politely, “Excuse me, I won’t make a mistake again”.

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I looked at his face in surprise. A man of my father’s age. An impression of purity in his eyes and face. I have never seen anyone apologize so politely and so beautifully. Later I found out that he was a little hard of hearing. That’s why he made a mistake. The mistake was mine. He could not listen well to my instructions.

A modest man of few words. I have noticed that if explained well, he would do the work very nicely and honestly. He always had a sweet smile on his face. We used to call her Razzak Mia. After that he worked with me for many years with great honesty and great devotion.

I have worked with many people in my career and found most of their colleagues to be honest people. Razzak Miao was a very honest and devoted man. My boss at that time was a very visionary woman. He was also a good man.

One day he was saying, “I think you know, Asma, after death I may see that Allah has placed Razzaq Mia on a very big seat where we may not be able to reach. We can only see him sitting on his seat from a distance.” Both of them left the world a long time ago. May Allah bless them wherever they are.

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