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Sudden indigestion? Find out the quick solution

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Indigestion does not come anymore It appears suddenly This problem can occur due to various food problems

Indigestion does not come anymore. It appears suddenly. This problem can occur due to various food problems. Many times overeating, eating stale food, eating two foods together that should not be eaten together can lead to problems. Then the stomach continued to rush and I had to run to the toilet again and again.

If you want to avoid indigestion, you need to stop the habit of eating outside food in the beginning. If not completely stop, at least make sure the food is healthy. Eating unhygienic food will cause stomach problems. Eat food in moderation, avoid stale food. Still, if you have indigestion, you can solve it with home remedies without panicking. Let’s know 3 home remedies for indigestion-

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Salt-sugar syrup
This syrup is one of the most beneficial in indigestion. Both salt and sugar should be used in its preparation. If indigestion occurs, this syrup should be consumed throughout the day. Or you can eat Orsaline instead. However, during the preparation of Orsaline, it should be prepared according to the instructions written on the packet. And in making sharbat, one glass of water should be made with a handful of sugar and a pinch of salt. Consuming salt-sugar syrup or Orsaline will heal the body quickly.

Yogurt is a favorite food for many people. This food is more beneficial in indigestion. Indigestion causes the good bacteria in our gut to leave the stomach. Due to which no food is digested properly. Yogurt provides good bacteria in the gut. That’s why eating curd helps the stomach to heal quickly. So eat curd to cure indigestion.

Bananas have many benefits. This fruit is especially good for eliminating bad digestion and keeping the stomach healthy. It contains a lot of potassium and pectin. Pectin is a soluble fiber that settles the stomach quickly. So eat bananas if you have indigestion. You will benefit from it quickly.

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