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Claudia Goldin won the Nobel Prize in Economics

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Claudia Goldin

Professor Claudia Goldin of Harvard University has won the Nobel Prize in Economics this year.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the name of Claudia as the Nobel laureate in economics from Stockholm after 4:15 PM Bangladesh time on Monday.

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The Nobel Committee nominated her for this year’s Nobel Prize in Economics in recognition of her pioneering work on the role of women in the labor market.

The Nobel committee says that Claudia Goldin, the Nobel laureate in economics, has done the first comprehensive study of women’s earnings and labor market participation over the centuries. Her research uncovers the changing position of women in this field as well as the main causes of gender inequality.

The Nobel Prize in Economics has been awarded since 1969. A total of 54 Nobel Prizes have been awarded in this field till 2022. He won the 55th award this year.

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