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A case has been filed against the armed forces HR chief and the government

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Former Deputy Defense Minister Jody Thomas

In 2021, a former military leader accused of sexual abuse sued the federal government, the armed forces and the complainant. He claims that he has been accused of malice for political purposes. Lt. Gen. Steven Whelan filed the suit in federal court seeking damages and a public apology.

He demanded that the Armed Forces and the Department of Defense should apologize for abuse of office, contemptuous investigations, malicious prosecution and leaking of information to the media. Because, as a result, his reputation and career have been destroyed.

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Defendants in the suit include Chief of Defense General Wayne Ayer and Vice-Chief Lt. Gen. Francis Allen, former Deputy Defense Minister Jody Thomas, Armed Forces Chief of Professional Conduct and Culture Lt. Gen. Jenny Carignan, Canadian Forces Provost Marshal and Military Police, Military Prosecutions and Director of Investigation Department.

The suit alleges that the defendants engaged in a conspiracy to minimize political damage.

Whelan also accused the complainant in the case. He said that he has misrepresented the facts and tarnished his reputation. The Prime Minister’s Office and the Privy Council Office take action in response to public and political pressure.

According to the case, these persons have influenced the military justice system, military police activities and career administration activities with ulterior motives. The resulting chaos reflects the armed forces’ still unwillingness to free itself from political influence.

In the lawsuit, Whelan is seeking $1 million for loss of income and enjoyment of life, as well as damage to his mental health and reputation. However, these allegations were not proved in court.

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