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Kanak Chapa and our little daughter

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Mahars 12th grade graduation also Completed today

A few days ago Rumana Morshed Kanak Champa visited our city. At that time we city dwellers organized a fun evening in the local school auditorium with performances by artist Kanak Champa and artists from our city. Apart from Hamilton, expatriate Bengalis from other nearby cities were able to come together on the occasion of this event.

Kanak turned around. During the time he and his traveling companion husband famous lyricist, composer and music director Mainul Islam Khan were in our small town (considering the Bengali numbers), we the townspeople tried to make their stay comfortable as a native guest. There was no doubt that our means were limited. But maybe both of them could understand that we tried with sincerity. We love the country, love the art culture of the country. This love motivates us to this sincerity. Kanak has spread its fragrance like a pressed flower. Someone else will bind us in love like this – we may have to wait for a long time.

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Like many other families, my family members actively participated in the organization of Bangladesh Association of Hamilton. It was not possible to thank everyone because of the busyness of preparations to come home. At this juncture, I express my personal and organizational gratitude to all of you, including Piyal bhai, Ipu bhai’s family.
Our younger daughter Mahzabeen was part of the event. Mahjabeen trained in Bharata Natyam for several years under dance guru Sujata Suresh. Like many other things, Corona has interrupted this process. Even though life has become somewhat normal, Mahzabeen has not returned. I, along with my wife, wanted the practice to continue. I also expressed my thoughts to my daughter. But reality may not always follow the mind.

Maha danced after a long time at the request of Piyal bhai. Honorable Ariful Haque praised. The mind was full. His mother could not see the craftsman behind. I tried to record. I also looked at the phone camera. But I forgot to press the record button. A lot of things go wrong these days. The age barrier seems not always to be overcome. Our beloved Jilani Bhai is standing by. Monalisa thanked us by sending the recorded part through Bhabhi and allowing Maha Ma to see it. When I was watching Maha dance, my mind was racing. Our little girl grew up to be the little princess of my dreams, her grand baby.

Mahar’s 12th grade graduation also Completed today. I could not go to the country. Her mother joined with her sons and daughters. Although the mind is heavy, I feel a kind of joy. Maha will start her studies as a new student in the business studies department of McMaster University in our city from next September. May Allah make his future path easier with your prayers.

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