Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Yukon Public Libraries welcomes CBC Kids Book Club Live

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The Canadian Telecom Enterprise (CBC) Children Book Club Live is going to the Whitehorse Public Library on Wednesday, May 10. At a special free event, CBC Kids hosts Janaye and Gary the Unicorn will talk about how much they enjoy reading.

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The visit will incorporate melodic story times highlighting exceptional visitor writers Georgette McLeod, writer of Shëtsey (My Granddad) and Tedd Exhaust, writer of The Yukon Letter set Book. Meet and welcomes, giveaways and more are arranged.

A meet-and-greet with the hosts and authors will follow the musical story time events at 10:30 am and 1:15 pm.

On CBC TV, CBC Gem,, and, CBC Kids’ mission is to inform, educate, and entertain Canadian children between the ages of two and thirteen, as well as their caregivers.

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