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With 9,500 new jobs, Saskatchewan has the third-lowest unemployment rate in the nation.

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Saskatchewan saw 9.500 new jobs added in March, an increase of 1.7% over March 2022, according to the latest labor force data from Statistics Canada.

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Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison stated, “With 24 months of consecutive year-over-year job growth, Saskatchewan remains the national leader in consistent job and economic growth.” Our government would like to acknowledge and express gratitude to the devoted business owners and job creators for their contributions to the expansion and growth of our provincial economy.

Saskatchewan’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 4.7% was lower than the national average of 5.0% and was lower than 5.0% a year ago.

The region saw record highs for the period of March, including:

  • Saskatchewan employment: 578,500
  • Saskatchewan full-time employment: 469,600
  • Off-reserve Indigenous employment: 62,000

Saskatchewan’s childhood populace expanded by 3,800 (+2.8 percent), and the workforce up by 1,100 (+1.3 percent), with work up by 600 (+0.8 percent) contrasted with Walk 2022.

Indigenous employment off-reserve increased by 1,600 (+2.6%), marking 28 months of year-over-year growth. Employment among Indigenous youth also increased by 1,100 (+11.3 percent), marking four months of year-over-year growth.

Significant year-over-year gains were accounted for proficient, logical, and specialized administrations, up 6,200 (+24.9 percent); transportation and storage, up 2,300 (plus 9.7%); and trade, which was up by 2,300 (+2.4%).

Recently, Saskatchewan’s February merchandise exports increased by 31.9% to $4.2 billion in value. In addition, Saskatchewan grew investment in building construction the fastest of the provinces, rising 21.5% in January 2023 compared to January 2022.

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