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5 reasons why relationships fail

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Relationships are not always beautiful or dynamic

Relationships are not always beautiful or dynamic. Even a good relationship can get ruined due to various reasons. Not always that there is betrayal or deception as the reason behind it. From petty quarrels to indifference in a relationship, there are many small things that can act as the reason behind the relationship breakdown. Let’s find out-

1. Lack of communication
Lack of communication creates problems in relationships. Lack of emotional expression creates distance in the relationship. It is important to have clear communication at all times. Because if one or both of the two people are indifferent in this regard, it becomes difficult to move the relationship forward. Communication gap is a common silent killer of relationships.

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2. annoyance
The habit of holding grudges and rehashing past grievances creates resentment in relationships. If both of them do not express gratitude towards the relationship and hold bitterness, it indicates a breakup of the relationship. Sometimes the relationship can be destroyed due to resentment towards each other.

3. Unresolved trauma
Unresolved issues from the past can be one of the silent killers in a relationship. Any unresolved trauma from childhood or past relationship experiences hinders intimacy and attachment in relationships. So its settlement is important. Or the relationship may be ruined

4. Unfulfilled sexual needs
Unmet sexual needs can be another silent killer in a marital relationship. Sexual dissatisfaction stems from a lack of emotional and physical intimacy in a relationship, leading to sexual frustration and depressed mood. Unfulfilled sexual needs affect the marital bond.

5. dishonor
Lack of respect from a partner is another major reason for breaking up. Constant criticism from partner can harm your mental well-being. Lack of respect for each other’s personal space and preferences destroys trust and intimacy in a relationship.

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