Monday, June 24, 2024

Governments of Canada and Yukon invest in expanded services for City of Whitehorse

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On 22nd February, Minister of Community Services Richard Mostyn, Member of Parliament for Yukon Dr. Brendan Hanley and Mayor of the City of Whitehorse Laura Cabott announced $4.2 million in joint funding for the purchase of two 40-foot accessible buses and for upgrades to the Whitehorse Waste Management Facility Transfer Station.

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The new buses will be added to the fleet to better accommodate Whitehorse’s growing population. Their accessibility features will improve the experience of people with disabilities or who use mobility aids, as well as those travelling with strollers and young children. With these additional buses, residents will be able to continue to rely on the City’s transit system to help them get to work or school on time and back home safely at the end of the day.

Funding will also support upgrades to the Whitehorse waste management facility. Through this project, the waste collection area will be expanded and surfaces will be paved for better management of litter and snow removal. It will include the purchase of additional waste bins to allow for enhanced waste separation areas – for items such as clean wood, organic waste, construction waste, mixed waste and recycling – to help reduce the impacts of unsorted waste on the environment.

Once complete, the improved waste transfer station will be more prepared to help residents manage their personal waste and accommodate the community’s growing needs while reducing the amount of waste going into landfills.

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