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What you need to know if you want to become an air hostess

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What you need to know if you want to become an air hostess

Air hostess, the dream of touching the sky floats in front of your eyes when you hear the word. There is an opportunity to travel to different countries in this profession. Along with attractive salary, adventure, glamor and other benefits. So many people dream of making a career in this profession. But many people don’t know how to make that dream a reality.

Movement, conversation, service are all controlled by strict rules in this smart carrier. Those who want to enter this profession need a good preparation. So if you want to become an airman, you have to prepare yourself according to your qualifications.

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What is the job of an air hostess?
Air hostesses work to ensure the safety and comfortable travel of the passengers in the plane. Many people think that serving food and drinks to the passengers in the plane is only the job of the air hostess. But besides this they do many other things. Air hostesses are responsible for helping sick passengers, checking for emergency equipment on the plane, and ensuring that passengers have fully complied with safety regulations. In other words, he has to keep track of everything from pocket to food.

Besides, he provides important safety information to passengers in emergency situations. They assist passengers in finding their seats, assisting in reaching cabin baggage seats. They also do the task of giving the message to the passengers to fasten their seat belts before the flight. Comfort or advise passengers who are afraid of air travel. The air hostess also gives the passengers various information regarding the flight on behalf of the pilot.

Educational qualification and others
In Bangladesh generally anyone who has passed Higher Secondary Examination or ‘A’ Level can become an Air Hostess. Some companies, however, require air hostesses with a bachelor’s degree. To become an air hostess, the height should be slightly above normal (at least 5 feet 3 inches for girls and 5 feet 8 inches for boys). Weight should be in proportion to height. Must have good communication skills. Eye sight is preferred due to the related demands of the job. There should be no color blindness. Swimming is compulsory. Must be proficient in English language.

You must be at least 18 years old. Bangladeshi passport required. Present intelligence, patience and tolerance, ability to adapt to any environment, ability to keep oneself normal even in moments of annoyance will bring success in this job.

Challenges, pay and benefits
An air hostess may have to work 12 hours straight. They have no fixed working hours. Air hostesses may have to work at any time. So it is a challenging profession. However, the profession of air hostess has many challenges but is quite exciting.

The salary of airmen is 40 to 60 thousand rupees at the beginning of the career. Salary will increase with experience. In the case of foreign airlines, the starting salary is more than one lakh rupees. After reaching different countries you will have the opportunity to stay in five star hotels. Long term employment and good job performance will lead to promotion. In that case the salary and other benefits also increase.

There are various benefits not only for Air hostess himself but also for his family members. There is also an opportunity to tour different countries with family in this profession. The more air travel you do, the more opportunities you have to earn.

How to apply
You can start your career with many organizations including Biman Bangladesh Airlines, US Bangla Airlines, NovoAir, Air Astra. Regularly visit the Facebook page and website of the organization to see the ‘Recruitment Notification’. After that, by capitalizing on the experience, job opportunities can be created in any foreign organization.

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