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Ways to reduce violence and stay normal

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One of the worst aspects of human character is jealousy or violent attitude

One of the worst aspects of human character is jealousy or violent attitude. In almost every religion, violence or malice is looked down upon.

In daily life we ​​go through different types of fillings. We express anger, pride, sadness or joy in various events that happen in life. But the feeling we often don’t want to express is jealousy or jealousy.

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In the office, you may see that you are not getting results despite your hard work, but your colleagues are getting ahead of you. Again, even after studying all night, you could not get the results you wanted, but your friend got better marks than you. There are many reasons why we may feel jealous or violent towards another person. But this jealousy unknowingly destroys relationships with everyone and negatively affects our well-being.

Napoleon Bonaparte had it. It was in Julius Caesar. Alexander had it too. Despite all the power and glory these men harbored in their hearts a tendency which could poison a man’s mind. These 3 people were jealous of someone. So let’s find out today how we can lead a happy and positive life by controlling violent attitudes.

Stop comparing yourself to others: Everyone’s life story and journey is different. Even though we all have different journeys in life, we compare our lives with others. This creates negative feelings in our mind. Because of social media, we can now easily know the achievements of other people’s lives. But how many times one has failed and suffered before attaining this achievement is often unknown. So we do not know the story behind that success. But we rightly suffer by comparing our own failures with their successes. So first stop comparing yourself with others.

Accept Your Feelings: To deal with jealousy you must first accept that you are feeling jealous towards someone. Sometimes we feel jealous about someone but we don’t want to admit it. First you have to accept and be clear to yourself that you feel a little bad about someone else’s success. But don’t feel guilty. It is very normal human nature. You are not alone, many people go through this feeling.

Always stay positive: Seeing the success of others makes many people feel like a failure and they don’t see any positivity in their own life. In order to stay positive in any situation by eliminating violent attitudes, we need to reflect on the areas in life where we have been successful. Also consider the skills you have. Surely there are many jobs that you can do very well. In this way you can remove the negative feelings in your mind through positive thinking.

Don’t treat life as a competition: Many of us always have a mindset that ‘I must always be first’. To be honest, it is not always possible to be ahead of others. No one’s life is perfect. Success and failure in life complement each other. So instead of competing with others, you have to try your best to do something good and achieve your goals.

Celebrate the success of others: Always keep one thing in mind. The success of your friend or the good things that happen in the life of someone around you will not affect your life. So if someone around you is doing well and moving forward, congratulate him. You can take inspiration from the success of others, but never feel jealous.

Set your own life goals: Set a specific goal for yourself first rather than focusing on other people’s work to reduce violent attitudes. You need to first work out what kind of skills you need to get to where you want to see yourself a few years from now. Write down in a notepad all the things that need to be done to achieve your goals and try to implement them. This will increase your confidence and reduce your insecurities about yourself.

Don’t ignore your progress: compare yourself to yourself. Because through this you will understand your progress. If you observe a little, you will see that even a couple of years ago you could not do the work, now you can do that work very efficiently. And in the last few years, there must have been some positive changes in your life. If you compare yourself with yourself in this way, you will see that you have come to this place today after doing many kinds of hard work and overcoming many obstacles. If you think like this, you will see that Jealousy has reduced a lot.

Finally, remember that any violent attitude or any kind of negative feelings towards someone will only hurt you at the end of the day. As a result, your self-esteem will decrease and you may not be able to succeed even if you want to. If you feel that these feelings are getting out of your control, then you must seek expert help.

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