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Elder Abuse in Our Community

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In our country just as children are being abused the elderly are also being abused

In our country, just as children are being abused, the elderly are also being abused. Same thing is happening here. Awareness of elder abuse is decades behind the awareness of child abuse. Abuse of seniors is happening all over the world. Elder abuse or abuse of the elderly is happening around us or in the family of familiar faces? Is someone in our families being abused? Would you think a little better? Elder abuse has become a hot topic all over the world today. This problem of elderly people is widespread all over the world. Although the country varies a little from time to time, the pattern of torture is pretty much the same. Today, the people of the whole world have become vocal.

But these old people once labored to build the world. Was talking to a senior Canadian woman who once held an important position in her career. He said sadly, “We built Canada. Now we are seniors. It’s time for the government to take care of us and to do right things for the seniors” that is, we have built this Canada. Now is the time for the government to do something for us. He was also saying that keeping seniors physically and mentally healthy is very important. If seniors are physically and mentally healthy, government spending on health will also be lower.

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Various sources have revealed that elder abuse is occurring at different levels, to varying degrees, within Toronto’s Bengali community. Bengali seniors don’t open their mouths to avoid family feuds. Many times seniors do not even realize that they are being abused. Even those who are torturing often do not understand that it is their loved ones who are being tortured by them. I think people of all ages should be aware of this and become protestors. Because today those who call themselves young do not pay attention to this matter of seniors, after a few days they also become seniors, which is the infallible rule of time. Those who are being abused also have a role to play in understanding and protesting. To feel respected and to convince others that they too have the right to live with dignity.

I was talking to a relative of mine. His daughter-in-law lives in a foreign city. The daughter’s child is small so she wants to take her mother there to help. My relative directly replied, “I don’t want to be your child’s babysitter. In this country I want to live my own way. “That relative of mine is living with honor on the land of the country and continues to serve the people. When I was a child, I saw that many neighbors used to have their grandmothers and grandmothers come to their houses. They did a lot of housework and did not get much care in return from family and everyone. Grandparents themselves do not understand that they are being abused and their children think that it is normal. How much I will be abused depends a lot on me.

Seniors are being abused in various ways. What do we mean by elder abuse and what are the types of elder abuse? What is the way to get rid of it? Discussions are going on at BCS (Bangladeshi-Canadian Community Services) office in Toronto. This new project of BCS on Elder Abuse has started from last May 2. A new program for the elderly. In this programme, various aspects of abuse of the elderly are being discussed, group discussions are being held, guidelines are being given. The main entrepreneur of this program. Nasima Akhtar (Executive Director, BCS) is a positive person. Rina Sen Gupta and Farzana Yasmin are working as facilitators in the discussion. There is further support from Dr. Safayetul Islam Turya (Project Coordinator, BCS). Turya is a devoted soul. Volunteers are providing service to BCSK one after another. Bilkis Nahar (Community Settlement Worker) is always providing various services to BCSK. There is support from other colleagues.

A variety of videos on Elder Abuse are being shown to raise awareness among seniors. Various aspects of the video are being discussed. Seniors are actively participating in the discussion on various issues raised from the class discussion. They are also discussing the subject within their knowledge. Names, addresses, phone numbers and links to organizations that can provide support to those who may be abused are being given to seniors and discussed.

Let’s find out what we mean by elder abuse and how many types of abuse can be?

Elder abuse is any act that harms an older person, endangering their health or well-being.

• Physical abuse of the elderly – such as slapping, pushing, beating or forcibly restraining the elderly and forcing unwanted drug abuse on the elderly to control them.

• Financial abuse of the elderly – such as theft, fraud, misuse of power of attorney, coercion of transferring property to one’s name.

• Neglect the Elders – Failing to provide food, medical care, attention, or other necessary care to an elderly person in your care or abandoning or neglecting an elderly person in your care.

• Sexually assault or coerce a senior into sexual activity, sexually harass, sexually harass, make sexual comments or jokes.

• Emotional abuse of an elderly person – such as treating an elderly person like a child, humiliating, intimidating, threatening or ignoring an elderly person.

Elder abuse can happen to anyone. Learn more about the signs and types of elder abuse and what to do if you or someone you know is being abused. Explaining to seniors – why they should be aware of this matter. Whether or not you’ve been abused or abused, you need to know that you can’t be abused at will or you don’t deserve to be abused. No one has the right to torture you at will. You have the right to live a normal life without fear. You have the right to live in a safe and healthy environment. You are not responsible for the abuse that is done to you. If you don’t protest early on, your abuse will escalate over time and continue to get worse. You have the right to control your own life and make your own decisions. Today many have been abused, victimized and people are now finding ways to cope with this situation. Options you need to know. Sources of help you need to know.

Seniors are informed and exposed to various sources of assistance from BCS. Senior Safety Line (SSL) is a voluntary organization that provides 24-hour support to seniors in various crises. Here, abused seniors are spoken to in 200 languages. You can also talk to them in Bengali. No money is demanded from them for this.

The Senior Safety Line (SSL) Phone: 1-866-299-1011

Another voluntary organization is “The Advocacy Center for the Elderly (ACE)”. It is a community-based legal clinic. Senior citizens can get all kinds of help under the Senior Citizens Act here for free. Even if you are abused, you can take their help.

The Advocacy Center for the Elderly (ACE) Phone: 416-598-2656/1-855-598-2656

Another volunteer organization link is – By clicking on Seniors: safety and security, you can know about their service type. They provide various services to seniors and their services are also available free of charge.

Tell someone you trust about what is happening to you. Ask others for help when you need it. If someone hurts you or you don’t feel safe, get help from a helpline, go to the police. At one age you may feel physically and mentally weak, but you don’t live with that helplessness. Talk to people about your problem and how services relate to it. Explore your options to take care of your personal needs and financial security Take help of BCS.

BCS appeal to other people If an elderly person tells you that he is being abused, be patient, listen carefully. Promise me, don’t talk about it in public. Don’t jump to your own conclusions. Seek help from community legal services. Don’t question what they tell you, trust them. You may be the first person to be told this. It can be difficult to understand what is happening, especially if the perpetrator is someone close to you or someone you know. Don’t judge them. Respect their decision even if you disagree. Tell them you care about them and offer them a level of support you feel comfortable providing. Try to understand that trying to change an abusive relationship is a very difficult task. A person who is being abused may be very scared and unsure of what to do. It can take a long time for people to decide to make changes in their lives, reach out for help or even talk about their situation.

Educate yourself about helpful resources. Find out about their services, protections and plans and call your local Community Information Centre, Community Care Access Centre, Community Support Agency. If possible, talk to your own doctor or lawyer and search the Internet for information. Encourage them to seek help. – Offer to help them find the right place to go and local resources. BCS’s appeal to people from all walks of life, “Let us all, people of all ages come forward to stop this abuse of elders and take the lead in keeping them physically and mentally healthy”.

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