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Lately poet Asad Chowdhury: When a daughter is a mother

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Asad Chowdhury

Poet’s daughter Nusrat Jahan Chowdhury. Nickname Shaoli. Poet Asad Chowdhury called her Amma. Shaoli is actually playing the role of Asad Chowdhury’s mother despite being a daughter. All the daughters of the world may appear to the father as mothers at some point. The Creator gives them the strength, patience, love, responsibility in such a level of succession of women in the form of Kanya-Jaya-Janani that the woman gets the warrant to bear all the hardships once in a tender heart.

People who have seen Asad Chowdhury at least for a few days, know that they will not have any difficulty in understanding that this man is incapable of inflicting even the slightest harm on any human being or even on any animal in the world. The absolute finality of personal damage is embarrassing, distressing, harsh, and he cannot utter a single word. could not He is the one who clearly shines with an unequivocal voice in expressing the spirit of the liberation war or non-communal thoughts against the forces against the interests of Bangladesh. If one of the mottos of the spirit of the liberation war is the spark of non-communal thought; Which is not a word, not a speech, not a thought expressed on the page of a book printed on paper, but a fluent and spontaneous ritual of daily life or the culture of daily life, then the poet Asad Chowdhury lives that life.

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Poet Asad Chowdhury is a truly tender hearted man. It may be normal in many cases that his daughter Shaoli will be gentle like her father, soft-spoken and soft-spoken. But to the poet Asad Chowdhury, Shaoli is like an encounter. In the role of the mother of Asad Chowdhury, daughter Shaoli has inevitably taken the responsibility on her shoulders.

I remember that night. On one side is the father’s state of confusion, on the other side is the lifeless body of the bloodied elder brother lying unconscious on the floor. I still can’t forget Shaoli’s face bursting with tears. Can’t forget another Jananirupi Ananya’s unique brave role and work skills. Can’t forget Nadeem Iqbal’s worried face.

In stories, novels or movies, I used to see the hero, heroine or any other character suffering from a severe injury or fever, or unconscious due to an accident.

I actually saw the character in the hospital setting. The story is being written before our eyes. Seeing the physical condition of the poet Asad Chowdhury, his son Asif immediately fainted and fell on the floor. Asif fell backwards, cutting his head and bleeding profusely. After falling unconscious, Asif’s condition was such that all the doctors came and applied their methods simultaneously to respond to his limp body. On the one hand, the father, on the other hand, due to the sudden unconsciousness of the elder brother, all the suffering and pain of the world came and filled Shaoli’s shoulders!

The doctor quickly re-pulsed her lifeless body. He stitched the severed head. After cutting the hair and cleaning the bloody and severed head, since it is not possible to sew it, the doctor put about eight staplers in the cut area. The doctor is doing this on one side of Asif’s head, and I am holding his head on the other side. An hour after these things happened, Asif opened his eyes and said – Brother, where am I? Shaoli, where is the father? Nadeem, why am I here? What place is it? When did we get here? Why did you come? How is the father now? Etc Etc! Father Kavi Asad Chowdhury is asking from the next room – how is my son!

Asif regained consciousness thanks to the tireless efforts of the doctors and the dutiful proper treatment. The results of the CT scan also came back good. Even the doctor said that Asif can go home No problem. Meanwhile, another doctor also said that what will be given after the diagnosis of the disease. The doctor also said that the poet would be transferred to a hospital. And Asif will be let go. Asif was taken out of bed and allowed to walk for a while. In order to understand whether his head is spinning dangerously or not No, nothing like that happened. Meanwhile the poet was also prepared to be taken to a cabin. When the poet is being taken out to the cabin, the poet said – I want to see my son! This is the first time father and son have met in five hours since the accident. The father took the son’s hand. The son kissed his father’s forehead and said – everything will be fine, father. Alhamdulillah everything is fine. All the best.

These scenes were being composed before our eyes. Still I wanted to keep my eyes down. You can’t see all the scenes in the world. Vision disappears. Sun is our life force. Its light awakens the soul. But looking at the sun will burn our vision. So, don’t look directly at the radiant sun

Asif is now resting at home. It will still take some time to fully recover. The poet is undergoing treatment at Miken Garron Hospital in Toronto. With the proper treatment of doctors, round-the-clock service of nurses and the utmost care and love of Kabir’s Ammajan, Jananirupi daughter Shaoli, the poet is much better than before with the good wishes of countless fans, relatives, friends, relatives and well-wishers. I hope he will regain more health and strength. Because, even if we don’t say it, we know that every moment he is silently praying: May all the sick in the world be healed. May all souls be well. Let the honor of Kanya-Jaya-Janani rise more and more.

Toronto, Canada

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