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A few golden fish in the dark

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A few golden fish in the dark

The road is not like the body of a moving snake; At the end it came to the front of the river after twisting and stopped for a while, or it can be said, somewhat surprised and then turned to the right. The place called Badurtala Hut, which can be identified just by looking at it, is actually not a very big market, with a total of 13 houses on both sides, with Golpata as its head. The figure stopped at the foot of the wooden pole; It is as if this Mathbari came to Khalpara and took a little money.

We don’t know any history of this canal, except for one or two rumors that Shah Shuja once passed through it; But we know that on the other side of the canal is Badurtala and on the other side Mathbari, earlier there were bamboo poles on the canal which are now made of wood due to the development, so people do not have any difficulty in making Badurtala-Mathbari, Mathbari-Badurtala. And the MP of that area, who we call Khalujan because of our friend Shamchur, promised during the election that if you vote for him, he will soon build a bridge and road over the canal. Khalujan is a forgetful man, he has forgotten; Can you remember so much? It is difficult to find him in the area now, but the villagers find us from time to time. Abdal now calls us ‘chutiya ka awlad’ because we went door to door and promised paved roads and bridges as khalujans at election time, saying the abuse sounds like a Hindi film dialogue and Gaugeram’s murrubbi-everyone has the right to abuse. We don’t mind because we keep. Listen with one ear and let it out with the other. Because the road is not paved, people’s feet get stuck due to rain. You don’t have to swear anymore, it comes out of your mouth, automatically.

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But Maqbool Kabiraj, who always walks on the right side, who has an oil-slick jhola bag on his shoulder, and we assume that, due to age, it is impossible to tell when and where he will die. As a result, Jhola looks like she is five months pregnant from the outside, she doesn’t abuse anyone, just curses, Allah’s glory is, Halar po Halara kew bachabi na kailam, and looking at the infinite sky to whom she is constantly cursing, it makes us confused. we don’t understand But some say, Maqbool Kabiraj has a crack on his head, he is torn. All the tears are tangled in his head. Every evening he goes to the launch ghat and waits for his son to come. But the boy doesn’t come anymore. He has not seen his son since independence, a twenty-two-year-old Tagra Joan son, who did not return after the war. Maqbool Kabiraj believes that his son will come back, and he is sure that the launch from Barisal to Barguna will bring Mohibul back one day.

Sunil Kumar Sutradhar laughed after hearing this. He is our friend Shyamal’s father and the only maths teacher in Badurtala village’s primary school. Nakshatra Ganak. Mars comes very close to Earth every 300 years. We did not know this information before. We can also find out whether this is a few days before or after sunset

Mars, Saturn and Antares were visible to the naked eye in the southeastern part of the sky. According to him, there was never and still is no one in this village called Maqbool Kabiraj. Someone has planted the above scenarios inside our brains like postage stamps. Even the man we saw a few days ago at Badurtala Hut who had turned right and got stuck in the mud is an illusion of our eyes and he is sure that what we have been seeing for so long is unreal and just imaginary. Therefore we are disappointed with the presence of Maqbool Kaviraj in our scenario again and again. And what should we do now Ñ thinking like this we keep swimming like three golden fish floating in the vortex of reality-unreality and once Shamchu, Shyamal and I become restless.

Shasdhar Bhadra does not like trouble at all. He does not like to scream and shout with thieves all the time. After becoming the OC of this Rajapur police station, he has heard that the place has become haram, the place is not very good; Almost the entire area is known as Toitumbur. Second officer Hamidul, who was just transferred here, assured him, sir, the thieves and robbers of this area are not so bad, they are better than those who do politics here. They do not commit theft and robbery in their own area. go away Before you came, I let the two bullies in and one ran away in fear when he heard the new constable was coming. Now there is no one in the area except sneaky thieves. Which is Dalbhat for you to handle.

Shashdhar Bhadra goes to give Hamidul a reprimand, when he sees that a man, almost confused with unkempt hair, bloodshot red eyes, has entered the police station with his entire family. save me oc sub Where do I go with these two children and mother-daughter?

It is not said, there is no; What kind of trouble! Shashdhar Bhadra suddenly looked at Hamidul without understanding anything.

There is nothing unknown to Hamidul, everything in the area is under his fingertips, he says, Sir, his name is Haripad. Haripad Bala. There was a grocery store. Nothing now. very poor There is a little monotonous land, cultivated and eaten. But his case is a bit complicated. You have to handle.

Haripad Bala’s problem is really a bit complicated, coming as a new constable, these problems cannot be taken into account now, he could not see any way that Shasdhar would proceed in a deliberate manner, he was a little confused, at this time Hamidul saved him. He said, now go to Haripad, let sir think for a while, a way can be found out through discussion.

At this word, Haripad was a little more confused, he looked at Hamidul with suspicious eyes, the wind of the fan ruffled his hair more and more, while an old woman was seen coming forward from behind.

With a deep look in his eyes, he folded his hands and said, Father, there is nothing but this old house and a plot of land for cultivation. protect me

What do we have to do, our hands and feet are tied; Still see what can be done.

The old woman wept bitterly at the words of Shasdhar Bhadrar.

When we entered the police station, we did not take into account whether it was day or night, afternoon or evening.

Shasdhar Bhadra was keeping his head on the table and observing Maunavrata or can be said to be drowsing. Haripad Bala and his family put him under a lot of tension and left a little earlier. Hamidul is also not in front. We wait like a quiet boy to break his silence.
Our wait does not end, and we become impatient at some point. Shyamal says Shamchu go today, and one day he will come and be seen with Shala Daroga.

Saying Chop Shala, Shamchu took out the pistol from his pocket and placed it on the table. Shasdhar Bhadra immediately wakes up, opening his eyes he is shocked by such a scene, trembling with fear and now raise both hands, or call Hamidul. Without thinking, he sees through the window that Haramzada Hamidul has left him in yet another trouble and passed the police station smoothly. is going Turning his face towards the window in fear, he started shouting Hamidul Hamidul.

We hear Shasadhar politely meowing like a cat.

Mr. OC is saying something?

No, no, nothing. Talking to myself, what else! I don’t talk to myself for a long time. Is it your father’s identity?

When we elaborated on our introduction, Shasdhar Bhadra was reassured by the thought that we are not dangerous, and said, “What do fathers suddenly think of me here?”

You are new to the police station, I felt duty bound to meet you. i say

That’s good, that’s good. Now said, what can I do for you?

Heard OC Sahib, this area is Khatarnak. Thieves – Sneaking Toitumbur. Picking up the pistol from the table, Shamchu says, two or two local thieves are worse than thieves. Keep an eye on them. One more thing, if you hear someone cross you without judgment then you have news. I will transfer you to such a place that you will not see the face of Maiya Pola, let alone see the face of the sun in six months.

Shasdhar Bhadra laughed like a fool at this.

He said, you are scaring me with toy pistols and spears! I am not afraid, my name is Shashdhar Bhadra. I am the OC of this police station.

There is also the real thing. It is not a toy. But duplicate is enough for this area. Shamchu says.

Listen, we don’t cross anyone without trial. It’s a different story if he’s a terrorist.

This time Shamchu roared. Says, this Shyamal, you stand up.

When Shyamal stood up, Shamchu immediately tore off his clothes. Say, see her chest.

Shasdhar saw that there was a hole on the left side of Shyamal’s chest, like a small narrow tunnel.

Chairman Motaleb Mondal gave advice to Hamidul and put him in the crossfire. Is he a terrible terrorist?

And even if they are terrible terrorists, is there no law in the country for their trial? The tip of the mug?

Shasadhar doesn’t know what to answer, but after coming here he hears that the crossfire was a staged play to get Shyamal’s father, the maths teacher Sunil Kumar Sutradhar, out of the village. And at that time, the news of receiving the weapon at Shyamal’s house was actually a toy pistol. The pistol that is now seen in Shamchu’s hand is very similar.

Shasadhar suddenly feels very helpless, it seems that he is no longer in the police station, not even in the police station. It is as if Dhansidi is sitting at the deep bottom of the river and three golden fishes are swimming in front of him.
Scared at such a scene, he shouted Hamidul, O Hamidul.

His screams sounded like a cat’s meow in our ears and by this time we were rather surprised to find that Shyamal had disappeared from us. We then looked around like helplessly, then quietly went out in search of Shyamal.
Outside then, we did not consider day or night, light or darkness.

Then one night at two o’clock we met again, under the Badurtala-Mathbari Sanko, in half-light and half-darkness. Shamchu is next to me and Shyamal is on the right. Shamchu’s throat is open today and is twisted to the left. A little blue light coming from a distant planet is falling on the deep wound in the neck of the chapati, like the neck of a freshly slaughtered cow. And in the unearthly light the wound was now red and glowing enough. As if Shamchu has just been killed, his body is bathed not in green unearthly light, but as if his body is bathed in bright red blood. Such thoughts make us disorientated. We stare into the void in bewilderment.

At the last hour of the night, Shyamal discovers the boat, he asks, where is the boat going?

The sailor replied in a frightened voice, “Nowhere, sir.”

Does it mean anywhere? I screamed, are we being tricked?

Where is Mana, Lord?

This boy is the sailor’s child, the boat is crowded. Otherwise I will shoot. Shamchu opens his mouth so long.

I am in a rush, father, don’t shoot, there are children in the boat.

As the boat approached, we were surprised to see five shadows with their faces hidden in their knees, trembling with fear.

A shadow comes out from inside the ash, the body is covered with a sheet, the chest is a little higher. Says, fathers are sad, dead people. Dead people do not know. Witta dehen in the boat, nothing on the log, two rice, ektu dial and salt pepper and some gadibadi on the log….

ok No one will kill you. Shamchu says, what is your name? Where are you going at night?

In the direction of Benapole, I can’t tell what’s on the forehead after the hair.

What’s the name?

My name is Haripad, Haripad Bala Huzur. Sang Rajapur. And Thaon didn’t go sir, Thaon’s vidada has also been taken over.

Suddenly I saw that Haripada was holding something wrapped in cloth to his chest.

Are you holding on to the chest, is it Haripad?

Haripada Bala cried immediately after this question. With a tearful voice saying, Vida ittu mati sir, Mogo is the mark of fourteen men. Mai Kailo, Vider Ittu Madi Loge Lo Hari.

We then see Haripada Bala’s family drifting into the abyss.

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