Tuesday, June 25, 2024

waiting for you

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Photo Shahjalal Airport Dhaka

Being so busy with the Toronto Book Fair that even the boys and girls are not communicating properly. Those who organize them understand how hard it is to organize book fairs abroad. Much like driving away a forest monkey by eating yourself. However, love for books, passion for literature, organizes so much.

Talked to Aritri today after almost a week.

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– Alaikum Assalam (smiling a little).
– What are you doing mom?
– Let’s watch TV.
– You have no news.
– You were busy with the book fair so you didn’t call.
-When will you come to Toronto!
I will come on the 13th.
– How long will you stay now!
– I will probably stay for a week or two. I will come after Eid. I did a one way ticket.
– So little time!
– Yes. Little busy dad.
– What are you busy with!
– I will buy a house, I am looking for a house.
-Oh, is that so!
– But I don’t get it. Inventory is not high. Demand is high in the city. It was also a choice. let’s see
– You have given notice to your house!
– Yes. The lease will end on July 10.
-How do you see the house!
– Yes, roughly. Four bed, three and half washroom.
-Two people are not getting a little bigger! You will have trouble maintaining.
-It’s ok. There will be a room for you. I will sit here to write and travel America.
-Wow. Sounds good!
– When are you going to the New York Book Fair!
– Here’s to next week.
– You are not saying that Atlanta will become!
– There will be no time mom. you are coming Waiting for you..!

(Photo: Shahjalal Airport, Dhaka)

Toronto 17 May 2024

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