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Understand how a person is by looking at the lips

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Beautiful lips add a lot to a persons smile and beauty

Beautiful lips add a lot to a person’s smile and beauty. After the eyes, the most noticeable part of a person’s face is the lips. But lips are not only helpful in enhancing beauty. Rather, through it, one can know about a person’s nature, personality and faults.

A lot can be said about the shape of a person by looking at the shape of different parts of the body. Just as one can tell about a person by looking at hands, feet, fingers, etc., many characteristics of women can be known by looking at the lips.

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Let’s see what a woman is like according to the shape of her lips.

thick lips
Women who have thick lips are of angry nature. Sometimes women with these lips become very emotional. But they are stubborn. The mind is restless. Also lack of patience.

thin lips
People with thinner lips are quieter and don’t like loud noises at all. Wants to be alone most of the time. He does not want to share his secret with anyone. No matter how many qualities they have, they do not like to show their qualities in front of everyone.

Heart shape or heart shape lips
Women with heart shape lips are fearless. They are enthusiastic and courageous in taking any decision. They care about glamorous, small things.

Defined Cupid’s Bow Lips
People with cupid’s bow lips like Taylor Swift get creative. Their memory is very sharp. They have a knack for remembering people’s names and faces. They are true-blue perfectionists!

Lips larger than normal
If a person’s lip shape is larger than normal, such a person is inclined towards religion. Women who are religiously inclined.

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