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I have a lot of complexes about food and its mostly psychological

I have a lot of complexes about food and it’s mostly psychological. I like food. I love to see the table full of food. But I personally am a very short eater. It’s not for the health conscious, but my stomach size is probably small. I can’t eat a lot at once.

I don’t agree to post food on Facebook by ordering food in a restaurant or preparing food at home and setting the table. I never comment on any of their pictures. There is no particular reason behind it. But it seems that food is not something to show, food is only for survival, it has no other role.

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Now tell the real story. Last night I went to a place to have a feast. I went there and saw food arranged on the table. Chicken, pollau, roast. Various types of food. For a long time I played that food game for fun. I have never eaten so much food at once. I have various concerns about eating. No one understands that. I also have a bad habit of wasting food. When I was young, whenever I wanted to eat, my mother used to say that my eyes were hungry. I want to eat many items at once but do not eat in one sitting. But I am eating today. I’m going to eat. It feels good to eat.

After eating, I went to another place. It seems that today Eid is such a feeling. When I was a child, I used to go from house to house after praying Eid prayers. I wonder how I could hold so much food in a stomach now! So go and see a lot of food here. I sat down to eat. I am eating. I don’t remember the roasted chicken pollau that I ate a while ago.

Whenever the dessert began to be served, I suddenly remembered that I had eaten this a while ago! How did I forget! Shih Shih I was very ashamed. How I eat so much! You should not eat so much! What will people think! And then fell asleep! The whole food phase is going on in the dream… hee hee hee!

Toronto 21 November 2023

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