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Toronto Police Made The Largest Single Day Drug Seizure

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Toronto police officers made the largest single-day drug seizure in the Service’s history – 520 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and 151 kilograms of cocaine.

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The announcement was made at a press conference at police headquarters on November 17.

It surpasses the previous record set last April of 286 kilograms of cocaine and crystal methamphetamine.

Inspector Mandeep Mann, the Drug Squad Unit Commander, said the record seizure came after police identified two Toronto addresses that were used as stash houses for illicit drugs.

Following a four-week investigation dubbed Project Zafiro, search warrants were secured for the two addresses and three motor vehicles.

The drugs, that have an estimated street value of $58 million, were seized during the execution of the warrants on October 5.

Mann said three people identified in connection with the trafficking of these drugs have been in contact with their legal counsel.

“Once they are arrested, their names will be released and they will be charged with possession of cocaine and crystal methamphetamine for the purpose of trafficking,” he said.

The significance of a seizure of this size and the social cost the drugs would have inflicted on communities, noted Mann, cannot be underestimated.

“The drugs that were seized in these stash houses would have been distributed across the city and into surrounding areas,” he said. “Intercepting the flow of these drugs will prevent possible overdoses which, as we know, is one of the most heartbreaking and challenging issues facing our city today.

“This seizure will also prevent the violence in Toronto that is driven by guns, gangs and drugs with often tragic consequences. This seizure is diverting millions of dollars in drug profits from organized criminals and will improve community safety and well-being.”

Man at a TPS podium
Inspector Mandeep Mann talks about the largest single day seizure of drugs in TorontoPhoto: Brent Smyth

Mann thanked TPS and Drug Squad members for their tireless dedication to make the city safe.

“What you see here today is the result of their tireless work and their commitment to community safety,” he added.

Deputy Chief Pauline Gray also acknowledged the officers involved in the investigation including the Drug Squad Major Projects Section and the Asian Organized Crime Task Force. She also thanked the Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario, who also assisted the Toronto Police Service with this investigation, through funding provided by the Government of Ontario.

“The Toronto Police Service will continue to dedicate the resources necessary to keep dangerous drugs off the streets and I want to personally thank all the members who participated in this investigation.”


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