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Things to avoid in summer hair care

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Things to avoid in summer hair care

The heat is increasing. The Meteorological Department has also given a glimpse of the ongoing heatwave. Meanwhile, girls tie their hair high to avoid the heat. Many people do not understand the damage to the hair even if they save from the heat.

It is important to avoid some things to keep your hair and scalp healthy this summer. Let’s find out about them.

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1. Many people went out after showering in the morning and tying their wet hair.

By doing this, the root of the hair becomes soft and the hair falls out. So it is better to dry your hair before going out.

2. Hair dryer is very popular for hair drying.

But many do not know how to use it. The dryer has a cool air option. Hair should be lightly dried with this.

3. Hair should not always be tightly tied.

This creates the possibility of hair root breakage. Although it is difficult to go out with your hair open in this heat. But you can leave your hair open at home if you want.

4. After taking a bath, many people keep a wet towel wrapped around their hair for a long time. This damages the hair follicles which can lead to excessive hair loss. So take a shower and leave your hair. It is best to dry the hair in natural air.

5. Many people have the habit of sleeping with their hair tightly tied at night. Due to this, there is more pressure on the hair during sleep, the root of the hair becomes soft. So it is better to sleep with hair open. But if it is too hot, you can tie your hair lightly and sleep.

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