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There is no age for good work

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There are some misconceptions and attitudes in our society about good work or service work

There are some misconceptions and attitudes in our society about good work or service work. Many people think that there is a certain age and time to do these things. For example: by getting children married, by retiring from work, by organizing the business a bit, good work can be done. Many people think that student life is the best time for service work. Since that time has passed, there is no more service age. But these are misconceptions.

Many people think that the ‘luxury’ of service work is only for the rich. That is, low or middle income people cannot participate in good deeds even if they want to because of their financial constraints.

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Many people also think that there is no need to involve children in these activities. They think children will not understand these things. They should focus only on studies.

All the above ideas are completely wrong. In the case of many, good work is no longer possible in old age. The wheel of family responsibilities goes round and round. Gradually the strength of the body decreases, the strength of the mind also decreases. The chase after the doctor began.

Bangladesh’s neighboring countries Sri Lanka and Indonesia are examples to follow in volunteering. Sri Lanka and Indonesia have been ranked among the top 10 charitable nations in the world for the years 2009-2018, according to the United States’ Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index (WGI), the world’s largest survey organization on service activities.

All I want is good will and some coordination

Not only that, in terms of participation in voluntary work, Sri Lanka ranks first in the world (46 percent) and Indonesia ranks seventh (40 percent). Which proves that wealth has nothing to do with being a donor. Good will and its implementation are enough.

In other words, life can become much more meaningful if only a little coordination can be carried out. That means there is no need to wait days-hours-months for service or good work. Irrespective of class, profession, financial status, almost all people can start good work at any moment.

It is better to start from childhood. Of course, family education and values are important for this. Parents should do good work and teach children. Must be encouraged.

From the time children in North America enter preschool, volunteering is included in their lesson plans. Being involved in volunteer work is considered a special qualification in the high school or college admissions process. Parents also take their children to various community activities from an early age. This matter is also of particular importance at the time of entry into the working life. The seed that is planted in the young mind in childhood, continues to blossom throughout life.

Start now without delay. There is no value in goodwill that is kept in the mind without being put into action. A small good deed is much more joyful than that, certainly virtuous.

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