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The stars cannot be counted

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People take tokens and leave shopping bags with the guard before entering the super shop

Following the artist’s gaze, Zakaria saw a tall, tall, very young boy sitting at a nearby table. The boy keeps dancing. Zakaria asked the artist, “What’s wrong? Something wrong? Why are you looking like this?”
Before the artist could say anything, Mubin got up from the chair and stood in front of the artist’s table. Said Zachariah, “I ate two barbecue sandwiches. And a milkshake. Pay the bill.”

Zacharias stared, “Why should I pay your bill?”

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Mubin said with a cheeky smile, “No one calls Magna Bap.”

“Behave yourself, mubin,” the artist said in shock.

Mubin did not even look at the artist. He kept a cool smile on his lips as he looked at Zakaria. Said, “Congratulations to both of you.”

Mubin came out of the restaurant grumbling. He looked left and right and wondered which way to go. Will you go to Mila once? Will Mila be like mother and father? There is no difference between the two. Mother did not think of them? No, you can’t go to Mila. Mila understands him? To Mila, he is nothing more than a giant who shares Mila’s happiness. Counting people’s heads on the street is like counting them. However, a man who can keep two things has fallen. Walking along the sidewalk, Mubin saw a supershop. Even a few years ago supershops were rare in Comilla. Now there is no shortage. People take tokens and leave shopping bags with the guard before entering the super shop. The guard keeps the goods of specific token in the specific locker When the customers come back, they show the token and take back their goods. trusted place Mubin asked eagerly, “Do you speak? Then give me a token. I have something to say. Let me tell you.”

In the morning, Kadin walks for a while Morning air is beneficial for health Dipa got up late. Morning sleep is very dear to him Kadin was walking with his hands in his pockets on the small path between the building and the gate of the house, with the cool wind on his face. A few rangan trees are standing next to it. A familiar bird is calling. In the house next door, a melodious voice has taken up the habit of singing. The voice sways to the tune of the harmonium. singing,

“My garland of songs
Who will I donate to?
The garland is wrapped in flowers
Pathetic shame.”

Faint smile on Kadin’s lips, subtle pride in his heart. Still, he could not contain himself after listening to the music. Went home and called Deepa. Deepa fell asleep and said, “I will sleep, I will sleep.”

Kadin said, “No, let’s walk outside.”

“No.” Deepa lay down again. Kadin called in his voice and said, “Hey, don’t go. The girl next door is singing. We will listen to the song.”

Deepa opened her eyes hearing the girl next door. He sat up and said, “Come on.”

Brushing, with tears in his eyes, he walked with Kadin. The girl sang another song.

“I was waiting for you
Day and night for ages,
was in the agonizing darkness,
Janam Janam Gele birah sad
No light in the eyes, friend.

Kadin took Dipa’s hand while walking, “What beautiful voice do you hear?”

Deepa looked at Kadin’s face and said, “Sings every day?”

“Yes, every day.” Kadin is looking at a beautiful red leaf hanging on a branch. Deepa suddenly pulled Kadin’s hand, “Let’s go home.”

“I just came.”

“Let’s go.”

“Hey what’s up?”

“You don’t walk in here anymore. If you have to walk, go out.”

Kadin looked and saw Deepa’s brow furrowed. Asked, “What happened to you?”

Deepa shook her hand and said, “What will happen to me?”

“I don’t even know the girl,” Kadin said.

Deepa said, “Chenna must have a hobby! She comes to listen to music every day! She is Runa Laila’s neighbor.”

Kadin pulled Deepa’s nose and said, “How cute you are!”

Deepa came in a rage. Kadin came back and said, “Well, I won’t walk here anymore. I’ll come back from the park.”

Deepa turned around on the stairs and hugged Kadin’s neck, “Don’t listen to this girl’s music anymore.”

Kadin said, “I won’t listen.”

“You’re so good,” said Deepa, letting go of Kadin’s arm and climbing up the stairs.

Kadin smiled, but said nothing. Deepa said, “But sometimes it’s like that.”

Kadin is still silent.

Imad managed to remove the sauce stain from the shirt. Half-wet Imad sat in the room after hanging the wet white shirt on the balcony. Then almost immediately he got up again and went to the balcony. He took the shirt off the rope and took it to the kitchen, fearing that it would be too late to dry on the balcony and that Mubin would do something by chance. Clothes were left to dry on a clothesline hanging over the hearth. He didn’t move a foot till the shirt was dry It didn’t take long for the shirt to dry on the raised flame. As soon as the shirt was dry, he brought it home and ironed it. Then folded it up. He will never wear this shirt again. If it is wasted! He will die in mind!

He folded his shirt and made a call to Kadi. If you catch it, there is no loss even if you don’t catch the bonus. Got a cold. The throat is closed. He held the mobile phone to his ear in a tight voice and said, “Tell me if there is anything urgent.”

“Well.” Imad hung up. Nothing important. What will he say?

But Kadi called back, “Okay. Say something urgent like the first and last time.”

Imad said in a calm voice, “It was a pleasure to hear your voice.”

“Have you ever been in love before?” Kari said, digging her nails into the other side of the faucet.

Imad said, “Know what to do?”

“Okay, no need to say. Are you upset?”

“You are upset,” said Imad.

Kari smiled, “If I tell you now the reason I’m upset, will you think I’m in love with you?”

“I’ll think so.”

Kari smiled quietly, “Don’t listen to the reason for the upset?”

“I’ll listen.”

“But I won’t tell now.”


“You are very honest.”


“You did not lie to hear the reason for my upset. You are an honest man. I would probably have fallen in love with you if I had met you before.”


Kari said, “Keep?”


“Do you want to keep this money or not?”

Imad replied, “I don’t want to keep.”

“My desires have deceived me. So desires are worthless now.” Kadi cut the call.

Suha was standing with a group of girls in the school grounds. Mila was also there. Mubin gestured to Suha and said something. Suha shouted and raised her finger, “Why are you pointing? Come forward and say what you want to say.”

The group of girls standing in a circle turned to look at Mubin. Mubin walked forward with his head held high. Mila said in surprise, “Say something?”

Mubin pointed a finger at Suha and said, “Talk to her.”

Suha bent her face and said, “Say, sir.”

Even when the girls were laughing, no one laughed because of Mubin’s fear. Mubin said, “I have a word with Suha.”

Everyone moved except Mila. Mubin looked at Mila. “I won’t go,” said Mila.

Mubin rolled his eyes and said, “Well listen Suha. It’s your fault too. Tell me, don’t you doubt me?”

“Well I doubted it. You’re a public to be doubted.”

A pair of eyes is about to come out of Miller’s coat. She blinked frequently, “What do you mean? What do you suspect? You two are dating each other?”

Mubin Suha looked at Mila together and said, “You shut up.”

Mila stood with her hands on her head. Mubin said, “I was angry that you trusted me and didn’t give me all your practical accounts. I sent the cake to thank you after I cooled down. There is nothing to think about money.”

Suha turned her face again. Mila said, “What’s the cake? What’s the practical book? What are you talking about?”

Mubin said, “I will knock out the teeth with one slap, Mila.”

Suha said, “Hey, don’t bully my girlfriend. Khabardar.”

Mubin said, “Thank you.”

Suha said, “Well, I am also sorry.”

“Here you are on the line.”

Suha said very thoughtfully, “Now leak.”

“I forgot to write the date,” Mubin said.

Suha said, “I didn’t bring it today, I will bring it tomorrow.”

“It will take today. It’s already too late.”

Suha thought for a while and said, “You come with me during the holidays. Now Khata is at home.”

“Won’t you have trouble at home?”

“That’ll be a little. Mom is a troublemaker. No problem, I’ll handle it.”

Mila understood by now. Mubin needs practical accounts He said, “You take mine. Oops, I was scared.”

“Keep your book to yourself. Never give it to me.” Mubin stiffened his neck.

When school was over, Mubin was waiting on his bicycle with one foot on the road and the other on the pedal. Suha had a hard time finding Mubin in the crowd. Paye said, “Damn Mia, you’re outside the gate. And I’m done looking inside.”

Mubin felt no need to speak. Girls talk more. Suha stood for a while and tried to take a rickshaw. He doesn’t like marriage. Mubin looked at the other side and said while waiting, “The rent is only thirty taka.”

Suha said, “I told you! I go with twenty five rupees every day.”

Mubin was annoyed but did not say anything. If you say something, you will say that money is hot.

After a long time most of the students left. When the road was empty, Suha ordered a rickshaw with twenty five rupees. Mubin followed the rickshaw behind Suha. On reaching home, Suha got down from the rickshaw and said to Mubin, “Come home.”

“Well you stand up.”

Suha ran inside and found her practical notebooks. Suha’s mother saw both of them from the balcony while giving the books to Mubin. Suha noticed that her mother was looking at her. When Mubin left, he went home. Before mother wanted to say something, Suha stopped her by showing her hand, “Listen, listen, I will not make love with that wee Polapan anymore. Go and sleep with oil in your nose.”

Imad entered Mubin’s room to meet Mubin’s roommate at night, “Ali brother, do you have a screwdriver?”

Mubin looked once with fierce eyes. Later he got busy with his work. As Imad spoke, he noticed what Mubin was doing and got worried. He picks up one practical notebook after another on the table and tears the pages from the middle with all the strength in his body. A crew smile on his lips as he tore off each leaf.
Suha called Imad late at night. Imad did not pick up the call. Suha wrote in the message, “Where is your village home? How many brothers and sisters do you have? Are you so quiet with me? Or with everyone? My voice is not beautiful? Take the call.”

Imad replied, “Who are you?”

Suha wrote, “I’m a very sweet looking mischievous girl. Everyone says my eyes speak volumes. My hair is black, shoulder length. And I’ll fall all the way to your chest. Good at studies. Know how to dance. Sometimes dance on the roof on cloudy days. But hide and seek. I hate bad talk. As a friend, I’m the best.

Imad wrote, “What is your name?”

Suha wrote, “My name is not. I am Anamika. Pick up the call. I am talking to you.”

Imad wrote, “Say the name first.”

“I won’t tell.”


Suha called. Imad turned off the mobile.

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