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Poster of Hiramandi

I gave the review but forgot to mention one precious thing, that is:

Although Hiramandi is average, there is one thing about Sanjay that I like very much. Many bed scenes, adult scenes could have been kept in this series if wanted in every episode. Which is usually kept in Bollywood even if it is not needed, like Ranveer-Tripti’s bed scene was in Anime. Hiramandi also had enough options to keep adult scenes. But Sanjay did not do that. I like this very much.

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I saw many people made bad comments about Sanjay. Brother Sanjay’s name is enough to see his works. 1-2 works here and there may not be the issue.

As Sarmin is Sanjay’s niece that’s why May B gave the role of Amoljev but she doesn’t play this role. As a Taj, Amoljev’s character is incompatible.

Still, some people like this series.

Season 2 of this series may also come. Let’s see?

The main purpose of watching Hiramandi was Sanjay’s series. If it was someone else’s series, I would have never watched it. And secondly, my daughters love this saree. I thought that there would be a lot of diplomacy, murder and conspiracy in the historical series.

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