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in favor of – against own religion

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Religion is a very sensitive subject People generally follow the religion of their parents and consider their own religion as the best religion in the world

Lately, many people are writing for and against their respective religions on social media and some are also writing for and against other religions. After reading them, I also wanted to write something.

Religion is a very sensitive subject. People generally follow the religion of their parents and consider their own religion as the best religion in the world. In most cases, there is no opportunity to learn about other religions than one’s own.

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Any word or action that belittles religion makes people emotional and that emotion has led to many religious wars in the world in the past. People are being killed and terrorized in different countries in the name of religion.

People’s conscience is so lost in the passion of religion that they do all wrongs with a smile. Again, the religious traders for the sake of their own business preach such religious instruction, which is not a heavenly matter at all. This picture of the business of religion is true of all religions, from the world’s oldest religions to the Abrahamic religions.

Human helplessness and curiosity about the immense mystery of life and death drives people to religion. Helpless people once worshiped nature considering it as the source of all power. Gradually people moved away from worshiping nature and started worshiping the Supreme Power that created this mysterious nature. This is how one religion after another came to the world. So far more than four thousand religions are known in the world.

Although every religion has given many instructions about the present and afterlife, I am not aware of any religion that has given any direct instructions about the third gender, AI technology and many scientific researches of modern times. For some reason, if another religion were to be invented today, I believe there would be talk of AI technology characters i.e. robots with a third gender.

By sitting in front of idols and praying, or reading the Bible in churches or praying in mosques, all religious people “There is someone, most powerful to help me in my distress”…. get this peace of mind that equality is respected.

So those who post that this religion is good, that religion is bad or this religion is scientific and that religion is superstition, their real purpose is to spread hatred and create riots. This is sad, unacceptable and horrible.

No religion benefits from religious riots. But those who spread hatred become leaders. This is the lesson of history.

Let humanity win, not religion.

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