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The Squirrels

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I told Pushkin that we will share and eat the plums that grow on the plum tree in the garden His family and my family But heard where

I told Pushkin that we will share and eat the plums that grow on the plum tree in the garden. His family and my family. But heard where! He was doing a lot of mischief. He seemed to have listened to my words with his heart. I have not seen anything like that in action. Bringing friends, brothers and sisters, parents, what a frenzy! Plums throw away twice as much as they eat. It can be said that Pushkin and his family destroyed the plums. For the first few days I was a little jealous. I accepted later. I can buy plums and eat them. No regrets about that. Let them play sports instead. But the grandmother next door was able to stop. Because of that, the Pushkins were very scared. After that, he did not come to our garden for a long time. I was very upset. Are you still upset? He was also very angry with the grandmother next door. But it was not possible to show anger with the people on behalf of Pushkin.

Pushkin’s face is heavily sweet. Boyish, very mischievous. He was very concerned with me. It wasn’t like that in the beginning. At the end of winter, if the weather was good, Pushkin would come. Seeing me, my friends would run away with them. I remember laughing and saying,

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– That look has come. turn quickly People’s moods are not fixed.

Pushkin’s friends used to say,

– The woman seems fine. Mother mother look

-I’m not talking about looks, stupid. Speaking of mood. You can see it

– What is understood?

-He can take it out on us by being angry with children. When this woman is angry with her husband, she shows her anger to the children.

-All people are like that. This is one of their quirks. One takes out his anger on another.

-Okay, let’s go, turn now quickly. Very close.

I would try to get close to them and they would run away. Pushkin was in front of them as a team leader. Once I realized that I can’t get close to them. They can run very fast. Very fast and very fast. Try something different. I should not go ahead but bring them closer. Since then I used to buy almonds for them and put them in the garden. For the first few days the Pushkins doubted. did right Trusting people is the most dangerous and the biggest folly. But even after understanding these things, there is a time when there is no other way. Somehow people have to be trusted. Pushkin was not left out.

I used to sit a little far away with nuts in the garden. I used to talk a lot with them. Pushkin sometimes listened to my words with his tail wagging. He listened with a serious face. At one point he started to believe me. He used to come to eat nuts with his friends. If he had too much in his stomach, he would eat first and take the rest to hide on the ground. If the stomach was full, all the nuts could be handled. I watched in fascination as Pushkin and his friends went nuts with their little front legs. Gradually it got to the point that before I could give the nut, Pushkin would come with his friends. He came and waited in front of the entrance door from my garden. He used to say this and that with a smile on seeing me. But the chattering never subsided. The tail was always swollen. I think Pushkin liked his name very much. Calling by name would make the tail swell more. The face would also become very smiling.

Although Pushkin is mischievous, his mind is very big. Pushkin was very social and philanthropic. One day, an aunt of their tribe was called. Uncle was also there. Aunty was waiting. Seeing the aunt, I understood that she is pregnant. I gave all the nuts I had in the house that day. Pushkin must have brought the uncle and aunt to tell many cheeky stories. They cannot be disrespected. Moreover, aunty needs a lot of care. I felt very sorry for Aunty. I was very proud of Pushkin. He not only does mischief, but also helps the helpless of the tribe.

So the grandmother who scared Pushkin and his friends came to visit from India. An Indian family lives next door to us. The mother of one of them is the grandmother. Then there is no fence between the garden of our house. The two families are very friendly. We used to travel to each other’s gardens. That grandmother loved to garden. He used to spend almost the whole day in the garden with gardening, growing vegetables and fruits. When he saw that the Pushkins were destroying all the plums from our plum tree, his frenzy began. He used to sit on guard with a big stick. When the Pushkins came, they used to scare the plum tree with that stick. Pushkin was afraid. He would go away with a frown. Grandma’s attitude is that she is doing us a great favor. By saving Plum, it is as if he is saving us.

I protested. But there was no one for me in the two houses. Everyone thought Grandma was fixing it. Hordes of mischievous squirrels are destroying all the plums. They are not eating themselves, nor are they letting us eat. In addition, tearing leaves the garden dirty. The Pushkins stopped coming to our garden because of Grandma’s torture.

I could not stop Grandma, nor could I bring anyone to support me. But I could not support this behavior of Didima in any way. Grandma is gone after her vacation. Now I don’t like so much talk with the neighbors. I managed to do a job. We put up a wall between our garden and grandmother’s house. For this, however, a lot of debt has to be done. Everyone got used to using the garden of two houses. I did not, however, speak of the Pushkins. When I said that, everyone laughed and joked with me. I said I want privacy. I sat down. Everyone in the neighboring house was very respectful. I didn’t care. I don’t care about those who don’t have kindness.

This is about last year. Today I came to the garden and saw that different types of sprouts have sprouted from one place. I noticed very carefully that I did not give those seeds. Chuckie remembered that Pushkin and his friends often hid things here and there in the garden. It must have sprouted from them. That means they have either forgotten or are not afraid. I remembered that they sometimes used to rub the body with soil. How much more! They really won’t come again. Grandma will not be attacked now. Come and see once!

The plum tree bore a lot of fruit. Absolutely covered in fruit. Just seeing the results reminds me of Pushkin. Sometimes a word comes to mind and cuts the body. Foxes did not eat Pushkin! I’m still waiting for the Pushkins. Thinking of starting to put some nuts in the garden again. Pushkin will surely return with his friends. Sensitive squirrels like Pushkin will forget the mistreatment of people like grandmothers.

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