Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The Justin Trudeau Issue

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Justin Trudeaus power Bill Gates money footballer Hakimis popularity Humayun Faridis love Tahsans voice Hrithik Roshans smartness nothing can stop women what really stops women

Justin Trudeau’s power, Bill Gates’ money, footballer Hakimi’s popularity, Humayun Faridi’s love, Tahsan’s voice, Hrithik Roshan’s smartness, nothing can stop women, what really stops women?

Those who are asking this very troubling question have probably never been married, nor do they seem to have been able to sustain a relationship for a long time. I assume the people asking this question are men. Because in a patriarchal society, only men are taught to make money, make girls follow him. Many girls turn around.

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But how many? Even if you remember how many? How attractive is the person who remains after the addiction of money and fame? Have you made yourself in such a way that a man will stay with you even if the material hunger is satisfied or there is no material need? Do you understand the mind? Do you know how to give dignity as a person? Know how to keep talking? Do you have the backbone to fight? Have you conquered your ego? Understand Emotional Intelligence?

Maybe you and I know what a man is like as a Prime Minister, as a player, as an artist. Only his partner knows what he is like as a man. Be it woman, man or anyone else.

No matter what you have to show or sound to the world, the world does not know whether you can face yourself at the end of the day or not. Knows that person who sees your face without the mask, the person inside the clothes. What looks like love on the outside, that partner also knows what it looks like behind the walls. I don’t see you.

Judging someone’s relationship based on one’s imagination from the outside is a kind of mental immaturity, and asking the question of ‘what is stopping a woman’ is a kind of hypocrisy. It reveals nothing but the shallowness of your sense of life and the shallowness of your sense of relationship in personal life. A woman is not a cattle to be tied to a pole with straw. Instead of listening to a song:

Amar hat Bandhibi, Pa Bandhibi
Mon Bandhibi Kemone ….
Amar chokh Bandhibi, Mukh Bandhibi
Poran Bandhibi Kemone …

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