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A small arrangement

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I have participated in many fundraisers in my life but today being a part of the fundraiser organized for the Dar ul Falah Islamic Center is the satisfaction I got nowhere else

$31,000+ from a small event! Alhamdulillah!! I have participated in many fundraisers in my life, but today, the satisfaction I got from being a part of the fundraiser organized for Dar-ul-Falah Islamic Center is probably nowhere else.

I requested many people to come, some may not be able to come due to family commitments, some may be due to various social institutions. But those who came, gave donations with empty hearts. That’s why so much money has come in such a short time. Indeed, it is true that he who is fortunate enough to donate in the way of Allah, can. Although the poster of the organization was written “organized and hosted by Barrister Rizuan Rahman”, but at the beginning of the organization I said that none of the attendees actually came to my dawa. He came at the pull of Allah, at his call. This fundraiser is just a resource. I pray that Allah fulfills all your good intentions. Since the mosque is a registered charity, whoever donates will receive a receipt for the charity donation, which will give the appropriate tax credit when filing taxes.

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Sincere gratitude to Barrister Rizwan Hussain Bhai who rushed from far away London. He runs from one end of the world to the other in the path of Allah at his own expense. Hundreds of mosques and madrasas have been established by his tireless efforts. Various charities have provided food, medical care and shelter for millions of refugees.

When he spoke, large gatherings listened in rapt attention. We often refer to many as “role models”. I think this child of Habiganj who grew up in London is the real role model. It is also a blessing to be able to sit near that man and listen to him. May Allah accept his ongoing journey. Gratitude to the founder of the mosque, Imam Mr. Mahmudur Rahman Bhai and one of the members dear Ashique Hossain Turzo Bhai, for being present in the institution and doing various things to make this institution a success.

What has been most convenient for me is that all donations are deposited directly into the mosque account during the organization through card reader or e-mail transfer. If anyone still wants to participate in this work, then you can directly transfer the e-mail to the mosque admin@dficregina.com. By writing the words “Scarborough Fundraiser” in the message box while making the transfer, the authorities can easily maintain the account. Many thanks to everyone!

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