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Pensions and pensions

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In developed countries everyone gets a pension from this tax money in retirement There people dont go to the bank and deposit money to the government for pension

In which country in the world do people contribute money to the government and enroll themselves in a pension scheme???

There are many types of rules in developed countries. Tax is deducted at a proportional rate from the amount of income a person earns or tax is determined on the basis of income. The employer also pays tax for his officers and employees or workers if employed there.

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In developed countries, everyone gets a pension from this tax money in retirement. There people don’t go to the bank and deposit money to the government for pension. Here, if someone loses his job, the government pays a proportional allowance from the tax money as long as he does not find a job.

DPS is operational in Bangladesh. Several insurance companies also offer this type of insurance. In the universal pension scheme, the government has introduced a system of fooling and impure people. An 18-year-old man must be unemployed, but will he open this scheme with his father’s money? When he attains capacity at the age of 30, he will have no problem paying 10,000. So can the scheme be changed? Pension should be determined based on what one earns and that should be it.

Thousands of questions remain about this scheme of the government. It is said that this system is in operation in developed countries. But it was not possible to know that this innovative pension scheme is running in any developed country.

The price of goods after 42 years can be calculated from the previous 42 years at the rate of inflation of Bangladesh. 10000 rupees now will be equal to 3 lakh rupees after 42 years. For example, in 1981, the gold reserve was only 3.5 thousand taka. After 42 years in 2023 one lakh five thousand taka.

That is, the inflation of 42 years is more than 30 times. That is, after 42 years, today’s 10 thousand taka will become more than 3 lakh taka. There is not much difference between life insurance. It will take time to take but the time to give will not be found and the calculation of how much bribe will have to be paid while taking pension will be very big.

42 years from today, if this government is not there, then who will pay this pension money? Before the polls, this is just a trick of Shubhankar, a trick to fool the common people who don’t understand so much math.

Montreal, Canada

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