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That’s why some people feel more cold

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Thats why some people feel more cold

Winter is almost over. But not everyone feels the severity of winter equally. The feeling of temperature is not the same for everyone. Also due to some diseases, some people almost always feel more cold. Some people feel cold even in normal temperature.

Why this happens, today let’s find out the reasons-

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Anemia: Blood has its own warmth. Many people feel cold hands and feet when suffering from anemia. Other symptoms include dizziness, physical weakness, excessive fatigue and shortness of breath.

Thyroid hormone deficiency: Patient becomes hypersensitive to cold. Weight increases, voice breaks, hair falls, skin becomes dry. Suffers from constipation. He also fell behind intellectually.

Kidney disease: A person suffering from long-term kidney disease can also recover in a short period of time. Anemia also occurs in this disease, which is already the cause of more chills.

Two diseases of blood vessels: In winter, the blood vessels of the hands and feet may be temporarily constricted. This is called Renaud’s Phenomenon. In this case the fingers become numb and cold; Contains whitish or bluish color. This condition can last from a few minutes to an hour. And when the blood flow in the blood vessels is normal, the finger may feel uncomfortable, even painful.

If there is a blockage in the blood vessels of the legs, the blood cannot reach the legs properly. So feet may feel cold. If one leg feels colder than the other, the muscles feel weak, paralyzed or painful, seek medical advice immediately.

Influenza, typhoid fever: Diseases that occur during the winter season, if affected, it is cold. In many cases, the fever is accompanied by shivering.

Neuralgia: Feet feel cold but feet feel not so cold when touched. Do you know why this is so? Nerve problems. In most cases diabetes is responsible for such nerve problems. Vitamin deficiency can also happen.

Alcohol: Consuming alcohol initially feels a comfortable warmth but then starts to feel cold. The part of the brain that regulates temperature is affected by alcohol.

Medicines: Some medicines can make you colder. For example, beta blockers are used to control blood pressure and heart rate. A side effect is cold hands and feet. However, this drug should not be stopped suddenly. Seek medical advice.

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