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Floral Canada

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The garden in front of my house has a few things tulips Japanese maple trees roses and other flowering plants

Spring is here in Canada, flowers are blooming and in abundance. There is a saying that seven million different types of flowers bloom in spring in this country, this statistic is not easy to verify, but the countless flowers that bloom in spring in Canada prove it true or more. Many flowers have come to Canada as gifts, such as cherries, Japanese maples, tulips and many species of roses, among others.

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Canadians really love flowers. Many families budget thousands of dollars to decorate their homes with flowers. Moreover, the arrival of spring brings with it a multimillion dollar flower business.

Beautiful Japanese Maple.

The beautiful Japanese maple tree is one of the most recognizable motifs in Japanese culture. The most revered species, a symbol of peace, longevity and prosperity.

The national flower of the Netherlands is the tulip.

Canadians played an important role in the liberation of the Netherlands, an achievement for which the Dutch will always remember Canada. After the war, the Dutch people and Princess Juliana thanked Canada by sending thousands of tulip bulbs to the capital, Ottawa. The gift of tulips has now become an annual tradition. Tulip beds of hundreds of species attract tourists from around the world when spring arrives in Ottawa.

The garden in front of my house has a few things, tulips, Japanese maple trees, roses and other flowering plants.

Toronto, Canada

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