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Sundarbans trip

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The first beautiful tree in life First Golpata Darshan Looks tall but the name is Golpata Photo Mamun Srijan

A big time of youth was spent in Khulna. There was no desire to leave the struggling campus of Dhaka University and go anywhere. However, I moved to Khulna to become an engineer to fulfill the dream of a middle-class family. At the end of the first year, we had to say goodbye to the beloved statistics department after overcoming the illusion of the annex building standing proudly in front of the central Shaheed Minar. Sir Salimullah Hall changed its address and started a new life at Lalon Shah Hall.

My situation is like what happens when a fish is caught in the water. It was a big challenge to accept the unexpected reading pressure and the unromantic atmosphere! The nostalgic mind roamed the science museum grounds of childhood, Taltala Colony, Kalyanpur Canal’s dirty water, Dhaka Stadium Para, Ramnar Batmool, Shyamoli Cinema Hall, public library’s wide staircase and Neelkhet book shop.

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An announcement came one day like a drop of rain in a dry desert. The mechanical department will go on a picnic. Sundarbans That too in Munshiganj area of Satkhira. In my childhood, I read that the tiger movement is the most here. I am civil. What is it? Mechanical friends are going. I also went to the Sundarbans.

The first beautiful tree in life. First Golpata Darshan. Even though it looks tall, the name is Golpata! A small house covered in leaves. Tea stall. wobbly bench seating. Everyone is drinking tea in groups with the sound of hush hush. Who gave the news that deer meat is available in the small hotel next door. Run wildly. Go and see fake.

I rented a boat together. I remember there was ‘struggle’ in that team. As he was born in 71, his mother named him Sangram. The electrical engineering fresher died in a road accident in Jessore after passing out. The photo taken with him in Sundarbans is my only preserved memory based on Sundarbans. Surprise! After that I have been to Sundarban many times. I have visited many locations. I took many pictures. However, there is not one in the collection except that picture taken with Sangram.

left the boat Two wrestlers. Nadush Nudush body like Jabbar’s victim. But there is no weapon. The forest department’s launch has security personnel with firearms. Ordinary sailors do not have. There are numerous canals in the Sundarbans. They divert tourists to safe canals near towns.

Suddenly, the body became stiff. A cold stream ran down his head. Huge black rattlesnake. A leaning tree is twisted. The sailor said.

Stay quiet.

The tide is turning. I will not swim down the snake.

They cannot stay in water for long.

I believed the sailor. The fear is gone. The boat went in a little further. Mangroves stand tall in the tidal water like a bulwark. Green leaf again on the head of Vallam. Strangely beautiful! Hundreds of mangroves together. Thousands! Millions of Mangroves. So! Forgot Sundarbans is the single largest mangrove forest in the world.

In the beginning, the chirping of the birds was quite loud. It seemed to have stopped. quite silence There is no sound except the clattering sound of the bench. Again the cold stream stood on the head. I remember that before the tiger came, everything became silent. There is no movement of animals and birds. Everyone’s face is dry. Nadush Nudush Majhi brothers must have sensed our fear.

‘Vidi, there is nothing to fear. The place is like this. Apart from this, you can see beautiful things.

Before the end of the conversation, someone shouted, ‘deer’!!

I looked at the deer with absolute surprise. Chitral deer. What is that beautiful! I was angry with myself when I remembered that I had run to eat deer meat a little while ago. Who eats such beautiful animals? It’s inhumane. Their beauty is only to be seen with the eyes. to be enjoyed. not to eat

Herd of deer in groups. Seeing us running away. The two of them looked at each other in surprise. I said to the sailor, what do they eat?

‘The leaves of a rum tree.’

Can be found?

‘H.., there is. But Khawati Parban does not. Khawati went to run. Kachikhali Jati Parli, however, hand Dhira Khawati Parbane.’

So go there.

The sailors laughed and killed. ‘Hey to Mala Dur…., near the sea.’

We will go to Kaddur?

This is where you wander. Don’t wake up in front. The tiger can come.

Returning from the forest, it was half past four. Hungry stomach rumbling. Oh burnt forehead! food is over No one thought we were out. Mihir Sir, the then Assistant Professor of Mechanical, pulled out a little biryani as if from nowhere. There is no trace of flesh. The salad is finished. Leftover long cucumber and five green chillies. With that, some monkeys are new to the Sundarbans!!

On the way back you have to pass through Shyamnagar. Till then the road is very bad. The driver was hurrying to leave in daylight. But the western sky turned red as the white bus named after Prime Minister Khaleda Zia(!) left the university. On winter evenings the streets of the village are covered with smoke for the first few feet from the ground. When the day has completely sunk in, the smoke is called darkness. Strange darkness. I always sit by the window to see this darkness. Get a place easily. No one bothers about window or aisle on a night journey.

Without drinks suddenly alcoholic chills took hold. The views of the Sundarbans were overwhelming. The chest looked very light. I could feel the waves of emotions. Six weeks after arriving in Kuwait, I first felt I fell in love with Khulna. I fell in love with KUET. The name of that love is Sundarban.

Brampton, Canada

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