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Auxiliary Officer Helps Revive Man

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A Toronto Police Auxiliary member saved a passenger in medical distress at Pearson International Airport.

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Working as an Air Canada Customer Service agent at Terminal 1, Farhang Irani was at a counter assisting a passenger with a missing bag when another staff member informed him that someone had fallen down at a nearby carousel.

“I took my radio and immediately went over to see what had happened,” said Irani. “When I reached the carousel, I saw an elderly man lying on his back. He was unconscious and his face was dark blue.”

Recognizing the man needed immediate help, Irani thought back to his training.

“My First Aid training kicked in,” he said. “I used my radio to call Emergency Medical Services. I started to give him CPR while a Canadian Border Service Agency officer and someone from Canadian Air Transport Security checked his pulse and heartbeat.”

During that time, someone brought an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

“I was not sure who did that as I was busy doing chest compressions on the man,” said Irani. “I pressed the shock button on the AED and the man started coughing and breathing. He was also a bit conscious when EMS arrived and took over.”

The 14 Division Auxiliary member said he was glad he had the skills to help the man.

“I love helping people and this was an instance where I was able to help save someone’s life,” he said.

Toronto Police Auxiliary officers are volunteers who help police with crime prevention initiatives, at large events and support police operations.

Constable Andrew Rosbrook, the Auxiliary Coordinator, said Irani is another example of an Auxiliary who is passionate about community service.

“He is also passionate about Toronto Police Service and the Auxiliary program and all the things we strive to promote in the Service,” he said.

Irani was inspired to get involved in policing after having a great experience with a police officer.

New to Canada after arriving from India in 2004, a police officer gave Irani a ride to his job at Pearson Airport during a heavy snowstorm.

“That showed me that police officers are also kind and compassionate,” he said. “The next year, I joined Toronto Police Auxiliary and was assigned to 22 Division.”

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