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Some reasons why love fades

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Some reasons why love fades

Navin who loved Meher, without waiting for his family, without caring about his property, leaving home ignoring the threat of being an illegitimate son, Meher has taken the reins of his family today, and is moving their family forward with the sweat of his head, right, but Navin?

Naveen loves Meher rightly, but somehow he has come to know that Meher is stuck in his web of love and will never let go. And so getting this guaranteed love Naveen started playing with fire. He sleeps hugging Meher at night, keeping his love intact, but gets involved with another young woman. Which in today’s society is called ‘alienation’. Navin does not understand today, that second love at that time was really love, or infatuation?

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Beware women! Never express your love as so ‘guaranteed’ that your partner will continue to commit adultery with other women even though he is caught in the net of your love, the lure of the world. Because, he understood, you are his! Just as children love to buy one doll, bring it home, stuff it in the showcase and move on to another. He kept his own doll, but he also wanted another doll he saw on the way!

It may be mentioned here that Meher was the first successful love of Naveen’s life. Due to the dark complexion of the handsome young man, he dared to offer love to his girlfriends a couple of times during his schooling, but he never received a positive response.
While Meher is working day and night in and out of the house thinking that Navin should not regret the financial hardship, Navin is eating honey after work. Even after thinking a lot about this character or this relationship, Meher still couldn’t reach any final decision.

Till date he could not match any equation of that number. Meher is busy with school work all day, tuition in the afternoon and evening, then housekeeping and cooking; Meanwhile back from office, Naveen is busy on the phone wooing other girls, exchanging love. But why? Meher Ajo thinks, was it really a time pass, or true love? If there is true love, then where is its location? What was his crime, and the new one or why he never left? However, Navin himself says that none of those girls were as beautiful or sexy as Meher, nor had Navin ever loved anyone like Meher in this life. So what were these? Why was it?

Meher realizes one day, around one in the morning, that Naveen is not by her side in bed. On the other hand, Navin knows that after a whole day of work, Meher will sleep like a dead tree due to his school duty early the next morning, so Navin calmly goes to the balcony and continues making love with his new girlfriend under the pretext of having a cigarette. Meanwhile, suddenly waking up and not finding Naveen by her side, Meher waited for Naveen. Whenever she hears Navin’s voice from the balcony, Meher looks at the clock and is convinced that Navin must not be talking to anyone on some business this night. Walking behind Naveen slowly, Naveen put the phone down. Meher’s mind feels a bit queasy. But it is only momentary. He does not stand up to Navin’s cunning.

Naveen doesn’t let Meher understand anything even though he is shocked to see Meher in the balcony. Instead, he kissed Meher’s cheek and said, ‘Why did you break your sleep? Let’s make her sleep.’ Naveen took Meher to bed and caressed her, patted her head and put her to sleep. Meher sleeps peacefully. No doubt comes to mind. And doubt or why? What is the freshman not doing for him? Naveen leaves his millionaire father’s house, property, relatives, and moves to this one-room flat to give Meher the status of his loving wife. To avoid criticism from friends, the big man leaves all friends, skips clubs and stays at home after returning from office. If he gets a chance, he goes on a long drive with his wife on holidays. Although little naam ka waste in father’s company with some salary, a lot is going on quietly, yet never reveals it in practice with Meher. Barch is still calling from the office five times a day to look for Meher. Naveen’s world is on one side and Meher’s on the other. There is no room for doubt, but so much is the caring Naveen that colleagues play pranks on Niyat Meher. No one has ever seen such love!

But you know what? Despite fulfilling 100% responsibility towards Meher, why does Naveen start returning home late after work sometimes due to work or meeting. Although Meher is called right and rules.

Naveen: What are you doing?

Meher: What else to do? I returned home. Now the students will come and teach. You haven’t returned yet!

Navin: I forgot to tell you, today a group of suppliers from Taiwan came to the office. They should be taken to dinner. So it will be a little late to return. you eat

Meher: You also eat properly then. I feel very tired. Students will cook, eat and sleep as soon as they leave.

Naveen: I love you.

Meher: Me too!

Taiwan supplier came, word is true. But Naveen went to eat with them at noon, not at night. On the way back from lunch, Naveen suddenly sees a girl with a childhood friend. His friend Robin introduces him to his younger sister Rani. Rani’s mother insisted a lot to go home once. Why offer a new ride? Rani’s mother sat Navin down and started various stories as soon as they reached home. As if a love works in Navin’s mind. Rani likes to sit in their house and chat with everyone more than anything else. In the gap between all this, the teenage queen’s cheeky look made her chest tremble a bit! Naveen didn’t realize when the afternoon turned into the evening.

In the meantime, he fulfilled his duty by calling Meher twice by going to the bathroom. But one thing is certain that, like in Navin’s house, when Navin says something, the father gets angry, the mother ignores him, or rushes past due to lack of time, this family is not like that at all. Whatever the novice says, everyone listens with great attention as if spellbound. Gradually the talkative youngster became quite the talker in no time.

Girls beware! Too much love but not good! Don’t forget it!

Now let’s think about where the problem actually lies. Let’s all brainstorm a bit. Let’s try to find the simple numerical equation why these youngsters suffer from mental problems.

Probable reason 1- When Naveen, the son of a millionaire father, is getting a salary of only five thousand taka naam ka waste, it is heartburning him, and to forget it, he indulges in light love games to forget himself.

Probable reason 2- Clubbing and partying since childhood, growing up without attention-love-pleasure from parents, there is always loneliness in Naveen’s mind. So when the people of Rani’s family shower Naveen with love, Naveen likes their company.

Probable reason 3- Contempt and neglect from the boss and father at the work place, always upset and returning home when Meher was busy with teaching or housework, Naveen’s heart would cry for some love and companionship.

Probable reason 4- When the turbulent love of only twenty-three years of life turns into a routine life after marriage, the love fades away to meet the daily needs, so the loving heart finds the turbulent love again.

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