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Familiarity breeds laughter

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I often forget to smile these days

I often forget to smile these days. But there is no better medicine than laughter. I was attracted to Jasmine even by the smile. The girl who used to walk past me on campus laughing out loud was Jasmine.

One day there was a bet with friends. Whoever can talk to that smiley will get 50 rupees. Fifty rupees bet can be thought of at such a time! I will spend a few days on that money. So I agreed and earned fifty rupees. Then how many days, months, years, decades, cars have passed.

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Where did you lose that smile! My smile is not that bad. Many have said that I like to smile. But why forget to laugh! It is not artificial seriousness for the age! Jasmine doesn’t laugh at anything these days.

When I say something funny, he gets serious. Just reading the post of writer Moinul Hasan Saber makes Jasmine smile. A little smile is seen when Lutfar Rahman reminds Jasmine of the funny things Riton used to say during the campus days.

Besides, nothing makes her smile. I myself do not smile. Even watching a funny movie does not make you laugh. Standing in front of the mirror and smiling like an idiot. Find the difference between the two. I find it very disgusting if I have a goofy face. So smile and live long.

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