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New record in temperature in Toronto

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January February is the coldest time in Toronto All around white snow frozen ice nothing

86 years ago today in 1938, the temperature was minus ten degrees. January February is the coldest time in Toronto. All around white snow, frozen ice, nothing. It seems that the spring of May has come early!

Been in Toronto, Canada for the past 23 years, seen nothing but snow, snow storms. But seasonal variations are changing rapidly. Because of the change in geographical climate is global warming. Our people are naturally very happy. There is no trouble of cleaning snow, there is no delay in going to the office! Oh what joy is in the air in the sky.

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But no sir, this rapid change in global temperature is destroying bio diversity. The lives of snow creatures that depend on the cold climate are now under serious threat. The polar bear, Shil, is dying. The frozen ice is melting fast. Sea level is rising. Large parts of low-lying countries like Mal Dwip, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh will sink under the sea. Canadian summers will be hotter. Experts say that temperature will be above 50 degrees in 2050/60. Then the temperature condition of summer countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan will be more terrible. No one can live in the Middle East with 70 / 80 degree temperatures then.

We are responsible for this terrible global climate. We have increased the consumption of fossil fuels in many areas for the comfort of life. Food production for overpopulation and increased industrial production require additional fossil fuels, which are directly responsible for rising temperatures. We are burdening the earth by mass producing babies. This extra human waste is polluting the sea water. But no one has any idea! Terrible natural disasters are created to protect the balance of the world!

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